Cigarettes without nicotine

 Nirdosh - cigarettes without nicotine Indian company
 All who are slaves of a habit as smoking, are well aware that the most terrible thing in the process of withdrawal - this is not a physiological dependence on nicotine and the psychological. Physical dependence usually takes a few days, but can last for years psychological. For a man who smoked for many years, often the desire to get rid of this habit turns into a real physical torment.

Each person defines for themselves the best way to quit smoking. Someone quit smoking with the help of one willpower, someone has resorted to the help of professional drug treatment, some people start taking pills from smoking or follow certain procedures. But recently gaining increasing popularity is another very effective way of withdrawal from nicotine - cigarettes without nicotine.

Cigarettes without nicotine - what is it?

Unlike ordinary cigarettes cigarettes beznikotinovye filled not tobacco, and various collection of medicinal herbs. But nicotine such cigarettes at all.

To date, the highest prevalence are cigarettes without nicotine three firms:

  • Ukrainian company "Our Heritage", which produces cigarette "Profit";
  • Indian company «Maas Nirdosh», which produces cigarettes under the brand name «Nirdosh»;
  • Simulators cigarettes "Meadowsweet".

In the opinion of cigarettes without nicotine help smokers greatly facilitate the difficult period of abstinence from nicotine. It's no secret that the majority of smokers smoking process is a kind of ritual, which is performed usually after "something" before "something" or when "something." And with such cigarette smokers can trick your body.

It turns out that smoking a cigarette without nicotine, a smoker comply with the usual ritual for himself, breathes a familiar and hot smoke, but the blood did not reach harmful tobacco resin has a strong carcinogenic. At the same time, reviews, cigarettes without nicotine allow a person to psychologically adapt to a life without tobacco.

Are cigarettes without nicotine may help to quit smoking? Of course they can, but only under one condition: the smoker himself must want to quit smoking. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, the smoker beznikotinovye not bring much pleasure (although tobacco smoking - pleasure rather doubtful), but they soothe the body gets rid of smoker's psychological breakdown in the fight against smoking.

How are cigarettes without nicotine with each other?

Typically, non-nicotine cigarette differ dial herbs belonging to the smokable mixture. But overall they have it - the absence of tobacco and nicotine and a real opportunity to help a person cope with a bad habit.

However, we can not say that beznikotinovye cigarettes are harmless to the body. Filled with cigarettes, as a rule, herbal medicines, and in fact any medication should be taken in moderation. In addition, the toxicity and harmful carbon monoxide and no one has repealed. Along with the hot smoke smoker draws in a whole bunch of hazardous combustion products that are generated by the combustion of any organic material.

It should be remembered also that cigarettes without nicotine - not a panacea. It is important to observe moderation and gradually unlearn a reflex produced by the body from smoking ceremonies, not replace ordinary cigarette beznikotinovye. And endlessly deceive your own body is still not succeed. Therefore, recourse to cigarettes without nicotine, reviews, makes sense only if the smoker has taken a firm decision to quit, but his own will power to do it is not enough.  Electronic cigarettes without nicotine E-cigarette

Electronic cigarettes without nicotine

Even in one single category can distinguish electronic cigarettes without nicotine. This know-how was coined because of the numerous developments of talented scientists. Undoubtedly, this is the most preferred embodiment, if a person decided to abandon the nicotine using nicotine cigarettes. What is the difference from the usual electronic cigarette nicotine? By smoking such cigarettes, the smoker does not get into the body, not only tobacco tar and nicotine, and the products of combustion.

What is an electronic cigarette without nicotine?

It consists of such cigarette battery, the cartridge and the evaporator. Cartridges are filled with a special liquid, which is the choice of the smoker may be nicotine, and without. In addition, the composition of such fluids include, typically, food flavorings, propylene glycol, water.

At the beginning of Tobacco buyer may select a liquid with a high content of nicotine, gradually reducing their number. Thus, the process of withdrawal becomes invisible and painless.

It is estimated that electronic cigarettes without nicotine is 100% safe for others. Just released during smoking couples, but it evaporates within a couple of seconds.