Light smoker

according to  Smoker's lungs with soot
 World Health Organization, smoking is the leading cause of death in the world today. This terrible habit has the character of a global epidemic and carries annually about 6 million lives, overtaking heart disease and cancer. Smoking causes great harm to the system and the quality of life throughout the human body, but one of the major impacts assume respiratory system, especially the lungs of the smoker.

Light smoker: a ticket to the next world

In the initial stage of the substances contained in the tobacco smoke, immobilize villus epithelium, which lines the inner surface of the airways. The role of the villi is to remove toxic substances, viruses and bacteria, so the smoker begins to get sick more often from various diseases of the respiratory system and accumulate in their lungs are hazardous to health and life of the substance.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which is incurable, and in 80-90% of cases, it affects the lungs of smokers. The bronchi narrowed light overflow air, chronic inflammation and the development of emphysema. Patients with COPD and emphysema, there is a constant lack of air movement at first and then at rest.

Also proved negative impact of smoking on one more severe lung disease - tuberculosis: according to statistics about 95% of TB patients is up smokers. The vast majority of deaths in patients with tuberculosis and suffered during the life of this addiction.

The visual analysis of the lungs of the smoker on the photo in the first place itself draws attention to the presence of soot that clogs alveoli, makes it difficult to breath and is the primary cause of cancer. Also, a photo light smokers are characterized by the presence of serious blood disorders such as multiple sclerosis and thrombosis of the arteries, which further lead to heart attacks and strokes.

 The difference between light and healthy lungs of a smoker

If you compare the lungs healthy and smoker's lungs, clear huge difference. Light pink, uniformly penetrated full-fledged blood vessels healthy and elastic light smoker's lungs, which are unsustainable worn black body does not seem to have nothing in common.

Lung cancer and the worldwide tobacco epidemic

The compounds referred to in the manufacture of tobacco products as resins, in fact, is a phenolic compound, that is the most powerful carcinogens. Without exaggeration, the terrible tarry bloom they cover the surface of the lungs of smokers with the experience and contribute to the development of cancer processes. Of all cancers, lung cancer frequently leads to death, while 90% of the deaths occur in lung cancer is due to smoking (not occupational diseases, environmental conditions, etc.).

Intrigue of lung cancer is long-term absence of symptoms. Shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, chest discomfort, etc. there is usually when the disease has already started. Even high-tech, modern medicine is not always able to resist radical - in some cases the only possible measure to extend the life of the patient.

The psychological state of smokers with lung cancer often exacerbates the disease and prognosis. This is due to the realization of the fault in the event of terminal illness. Along with this, there are specific scientific evidence to prove the positive effect of smoking cessation in patients with lung cancer. It is also proved that the most important role in the prevention of lung cancer belongs commonplace quitting.