Harmful Is smoking hookah?

Simple device  Hookah smoking is harmful to the body
 Smoking tobacco from a long flexible shaft and the shank, with water filter called a hookah. Harmful if his smoking? Many people think hookah smoking friendly pleasant fun. Harmful Is smoking hookah? One can not answer this question. The debate about whether the shisha is harmful, being a long time. Fans of this method of smoking hookah talk about safety. However, the researchers conducted a series of studies to find out whether the hookah is harmful to human health. The results showed that the damage to health from hookah there.

Smoking hookah - unsafe alternative to smoking cigarettes

Tobacco smoke contributes to negative changes in the organism. Fans of shisha smoke is inhaled per hour as much smoke as there are two hundred cigarettes. Some nicotine holds a water filter hookah smoke but still remain a large number of chemical compounds and salts of heavy metals, carbon monoxide. Scientists believe that the amount of nickel, chromium, cobalt, and beryllium in the smoke hookah much more than in the cigarette smoke. Canadian scientists have conducted special studies to answer the question, it is harmful to smoke hookah. According to them, to the lung during smoking hookah forty five minutes misses two to three times more nicotine and carbon monoxide than when smoking a conventional cigarette. Studies have confirmed that the hookah is not less harmful to the human body than cigarettes.

The sad statistics show harmful hookah or not. When smoking a cigarette smoker puffs making 10-15, about half a liter inhales smoke. Fans of shisha usually make 50 to 200 puffs. And when you consider that each of these puff of smoke about one liter, the fan of a hookah at a time can inhale the same amount of smoke as when smoking a hundred cigarettes.

Hookah. Harmful if his smoking?

Most  Harm hookah stronger than cigarettes
 a strong negative impact on the hookah has passive smokers, since the content of tobacco smoke in places quite high for puffing. Sometimes tobacco blend for hookahs on the concentration of harmful components superior to standard cigarettes. Since hookah smoking is an allocation of carbon dioxide, then the puffing may be signs of poisoning the body - nausea, headache, dizziness, loss of consciousness. Carbon dioxide emissions is due to the feeling of intoxication and that occurs after smoking a hookah.

Arguing that is harmful to smoke hookah, we must not forget that ingested tar tobacco are fixed on the walls of blood vessels and are deposited in the lungs. This increases the risk of developing respiratory diseases, atherosclerosis and cancer. The foil used for water pipe smoking by heating coal releases carcinogenic aluminum couples.

To harm from shisha to the body as little as possible should be used for smoking tobacco of the highest quality, periodically wash all parts of the hookah, puffing a hookah does not combine with the use of alcoholic beverages, and to give preference to natural lemonade and elite varieties of tea. Some scientists have wondered whether you can smoke hookah in order to break the habit of smoking conventional cigarettes. They proved that the majority of people who smoke hookah, after some period of time again begins to smoke cigarettes.