Watermelon diet

Brief description diet

 Watermelon diet
 Watermelon diet - one of the monodiets whose meaning is in use for some time, only one product.

That is why it is considered a rigid diet and lasts three days (at least, in the absence of obvious ill health - not more than 5days).

Menu watermelon diet

Watermelon diet is effective for weight loss because the daily caloric value of the diet - 1,330 calories and weight loss - 3-5kg for three or five days.

Watermelons should be consumed at the rate of one kg to 10 kg of weight, not more. Eat other foods for 3days watermelon diet is prohibited, but there are no restrictions on time: eat watermelon is allowed at any time of the day, as soon as a snack.

Restrictions on fluid intake as such is not: it is possible in any number of conventional drinking water (mineral and carbonated water may aggravate the feeling of hunger), green tea, to make it easier to move diet, black tea and coffee is also better not to drink.

Alcohol during watermelon diet for weight loss is contraindicated.

Judging by the reviews, watermelon diet is not always well tolerated, so you can use a softer version of it: with each additional use watermelon to eat two slices of rye bread. Other products, as in the first embodiment diet contraindicated. But here you can 3days watermelon diet replaced by 8-10dney, but not anymore.

After completion of the diet is recommended to secure the effect obtained even for 10d. eat mostly protein and carbohydrate, low-calorie foods: fish, cheese, fruits and vegetables as raw and heat-treated, cereals, eggs, cheese, chicken.

During maintenance diet is desirable that the last meal, dinner was over 4hours before bedtime. For dinner, you can eat only watermelon or watermelon and bread, as in the second, softer version of the diet. Judging by the reviews of the watermelon diet, weight loss continues in this period, but at a slower pace. Also, due to maintenance diet stabilizes metabolism, derived salt deposits, toxins, toxins.

Advantages and disadvantages of watermelon diet

 Watermelon diet transferred more easily than many other mono-diet
 Watermelon diet transferred more easily than many other mono-diet - watermelon filled with fiber, which gives a feeling of fullness in the stomach and allows for a time not to feel hunger. Also, a lot of good reviews on watermelon diet because it gives a quick result - Watermelon has a strong diuretic effect, and largely due to the loss of weight is carried out to remove excess liquid. Those who have experienced the diet claim to have 3 days watermelon diet there is a visible decline in the abdomen and thighs.

Another advantage of diet - she plays the role of a purification procedure: derived toxins.

The downside to watermelons diet is that you can not apply it to those who suffer from diseases of the urinary tract (pyelonephritis, cystitis in acute disorders of diabetic character, stones and sand in the kidneys).

Another drawback of this diet is its rigidity - not all on an emotional level to cope with hunger and the same type of menu.

Another disadvantage is the fact that when watermelon diet weight loss is not only due to the loss of fat deposits, but also the loss of fluid. Therefore, such a result can be called short and such a diet is suitable for special occasions when you need to lose weight quickly.

Watermelon diet should be stopped when its background is felt constant discomfort, heaviness in the abdomen, bloating. Typically, these side effects may occur in the first days of the diet, and if the reduction of portions does not work, should abandon the watermelon diet at all.