Treatment of starvation

Treatment of starvation since ancient times successfully practiced among all nations. Kabbalah (Jewish mystical philosophy and secret science) also prescribes fasting. The ancients carried fasting to cleanse the body. Druids and Celts priests went through a long position in preparation for the initiation to a higher level of worship. Great physician Avicenna East often prescribed treatment to their patients fasting.  Basic principles of treatment of starvation

The importance and principles of proper fasting

The most creative process in the human body can truly be called the digestive process. After absorption of food is crushed, digested, assimilated, and its remnants are removed from the body. For the removal of harmful substances in the body responsible kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs. To release all the bodies working fully, the human body must have certain energy capabilities. Vital energy is required for all processes in the body. In the treatment of starvation liberated energy is directed to the recovery of the most important functions of the body.

To achieve maximum success possible with proper fasting to five times a year. In women, treatment of fasting for the first time should not last more than two days, the second time - about four days for the third time - six days, and the remaining half for eight days. The men - three days for the first time, five days a second time seven days a third, fourth and fifth days.

Between courses of treatment fasting must be observed range from 40 to 60 days. Before carrying out a prolonged fasting (for seven or eight days) is recommended to repeat a short two-day course.

The immediate result of the treatment starvation results in an increase in the blood concentration of carbon dioxide, choline, histamine. All of these components contribute to the narrowing of the veins. This condition creates a vacuum in the body of the capillary - motor force blood circulation. With proper fasting reborn motor power of the whole human body.

If after several courses of treatment fasting managed to achieve the desired result and do not want to spend the rest of the courses, the short fasting (3-4 women and 2-4 days for men) should be repeated after two to three years. In the absence of contraindications, without medical supervision can only be carried out daily one-day fasting. Courses prolonged fasting should be carried out under the supervision of specialists.

On the day before treatment for the health of fasting can not eat at night, drinking alcohol, smoking. Before fasting is better to stick to a light vegetarian diet.

Before fasting for health is not physically load the body. Water during the abstinence of food you can drink as much as you want. In the water you can add a little lemon juice. It is best to start in the afternoon or in the evening.

Continuous weight loss - the main symptom of fasting. Most weight loss observed in the early period of fasting. The intensity of the symptoms of starvation influence internal and external factors (purity and humidity, physical activity, nervous system).

This extremely thin people after one or two weeks after the correct gain weight fast, and too full not usually return to their previous weight.

With proper fasting person is cleared in full. I feel the fullness of power and energy. The desire to improve themselves and to be active in the treatment of starvation occurs by itself.

Purification starvation

There are several ways to cleanse starvation. It is an absolute fasting, starvation, partial starvation. At absolute starvation diet completely excluded from the food and water. This type of fasting can be carried out not more than once a month (for a day) and only under the supervision of a specialist. At full fasting is excluded from the diet food. The water can be drunk in unlimited quantities. Complete fasting can be short (1-3 days), medium (7-10 days) and long (14 days or more). This type of fast food can not be used more than 42 days, otherwise you may cause irreparable harm to the body. Medium and long-term fasting can be done only with the permission of the doctor. In case of partial fasting are eliminated from the diet of the individual products.

Start cleaning fasting only after consulting your doctor. Do not forget that abstinence from food - is stressful for the body. Treatment of fasting must begin gradually and leave it to be too gradual.

Some doctors recommend at cleansing fasting do daily cleansing enemas with herbal decoctions. In the treatment of starvation experts also recommend that at least two times a day to take a contrast shower. Shower need to wash off the skin of harmful substances that are released in the process of purification.

Therapeutic food abstinence is impossible without exercise. For saturation of oxygen useful daily walk (at least two kilometers per day). Also, if abstaining from food recommended by the swimming pool or swimming in the pond.  The presence of a malignant tumor - a clear contraindication to fasting for health

Indications and contraindications for the treatment of starvation

Treatment of fasting can be done in chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, hypertension, neurocirculatory dystonia of hypertensive type and mixed, coronary heart disease, pulmonary sarcoidosis, the first and second stages, chronic gastritis or cholecystitis. It is useful to use when starvation treatment of biliary dyskinesia, disorders of the musculoskeletal system and degenerative inflammatory genesis, prostate cancer, skin hypersensitivity neurosis, depressive states.

Do not use in patients with severe starvation treatment underweight, malignant tumors, active tuberculosis of the lungs and other organs, bronchiectasis, diseases of the blood system. It should give up the food abstinence thyrotoxicosis, cardiac arrhythmias, thrombosis, kidney stones and gallstones, duodenal ulcer and stomach, chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver, chronic venous insufficiency. You can not treat starvation in childhood and old age, as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

Symptoms of starvation

Prolonged fasting for the sake of health is very important to monitor the possible symptoms. Symptoms of starvation may be different. If you have persistent sinus tachycardia, signs of increasing weakness of the heart, repeated orthostatic syncope occurrence of acute renal or hepatic colic, reaching adynamia, general weakness should immediately discontinue treatment.