Tips nutritionists

How often have you said to yourself: "I want to lose weight" and what do not you know?  Fasting in any case can not be - the number one advice of nutritionists
 After all, there are so many diets. Which one to choose what is most suitable for you, and what, on the contrary, it is better to bypass party? What should I do to lose weight? This article contains the most popular advice of nutritionists to lose weight, following which you will not only start with confidence, though not as quickly as you would like to lose weight, but also improve your body.

Undoubtedly, tips nutritionists longer adhere to the medical point of view on the appropriateness of different methods of losing weight. There are many diets that use fundamentally different mechanisms of weight loss and a unique set of products. However, not everyone knows that everything diet combined basic tricks and principles that make the process of losing weight as safely as possible.

Tips nutritionists: how to lose weight

Council nutritionists number 1: starve in any case impossible. Many women in their desire "I want to lose weight, what to do? "Begin to starve yourself and reduce your daily diet to a handful of boiled vegetables and a couple of apples. Undoubtedly, the initial phase of diet, this approach brings some fruit, but soon the body, experiencing an acute shortage of nutrients begins intensive stocking Zhirkov. In addition, such a poor diet is unlikely you will be able to sustain for a long time and, therefore, lose weight quickly restored.

And what to do to lose weight? Nutritionists strongly recommend not to give up favorite foods, but minimized or altogether replaced by a less-calorie counterparts. So, instead of pork perfect lean beef or chicken instead of buns you can eat toast with sprouts and yogurt instead of butter - fat-free dairy products.

Council nutritionists №2: the surest way to lose weight - to observe the daily kalorazh. This advice of nutritionists to lose weight, based on the fact that the basis of any diet is a simple principle: the energy must spend more than you consume. All those extra calories are deposited in the body as fat reserves. It is important not only to the energy value of products, but also their quality. Ideally, the daily diet should consist of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 20% fat. Do not forget about vegetables and cereals.

Council nutritionists №3: follow a diet. What should I do to lose weight? First we need to be sure to tightly breakfast. Many people in different circumstances limited to the morning cup of coffee or tea. Finally, after a couple of hours and brutally hungry, they eat much larger portion of food than they need. Thus, a healthy full breakfast - the right choice.

Another tip nutritionists to lose weight is to split meals. Divide your daily requirement of food for 5-6 receptions. This does not mean that every time, sitting at the table, you have to eat several servings. For example, between meals you can eat fruits, vegetables, drink a glass of kefir, yogurt or eat some cheese.

The smallest amount of food should fall dinner. No wonder folk wisdom says: "supper give to the enemy." Sure, go to bed on an empty stomach is not necessary, but try to keep the last meal was for 3-4 hours before bedtime. In the evening is better not to eat a heavy fatty foods, and limit to a light meal, such as fish and vegetables.

Council nutritionists №4: drink plenty of fluids. You should not limit yourself in the consumption of liquid. Some people often confuse thirst and hunger. It is often enough to drink a glass of water and the feeling of hunger subsides. If you're used to drink tea after a meal, reconsider this habit. Council nutritionists - should not be consumed immediately after the liquid meal, so the body's fat reserves will be spent much more slowly. But drink a glass of water or milk for half an hour before a meal even useful: it will blunt the feeling of hunger, making you eat less food.

Council nutritionists №5: put ourselves achievable goals. Do not set a task to perform which is simply unrealistic. You know perfectly well that throw in a couple of weeks, 20 pounds you are unlikely to just earn yourself depressed and disappointed, too. Nor should run every day to the scales for weighing, even a minimal weight fluctuations in a big way can spoil the mood for the whole day. The optimal solution would be to stand on scales once a week.  Drink plenty of fluids - another powerful advice of nutritionists

As you can see, tips nutritionists to lose weight and adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, is quite simple and easy to implement.

Plucked from the diet: what to do?

With the question: "I want to lose weight, what to do? "Nutritionists understood. And what about the question, "I fell to the diet, what to do? ". Tips and nutritionists are ready to help you:

  • Objectively assess the damage. If you eat just one chocolate bar, nothing terrible has happened. Safely forget about it and go on a diet.
  • You should not throw the diet after the first failure. Nevertheless, we should not deceive ourselves and. Maybe you overestimated their strength, or you do not have character or you have chosen is too rigid diet? To avoid disruption advice of nutritionists is simple: try to make yourself at least once a week indulgence and "output" of the diet, but within reasonable limits.
  • Do not forget about physical exercises. You are torturing yourself the question, "I fell to the diet, what to do? ". Quite simply, those calories you ate during the breakdown, you can burn exercise. But pooping yourself not worth it.
  • Normalize digestion after the collapse of help a large number of fruits and vegetables. Due to the content of fiber, they quickly will clean your intestines and restore metabolism. In addition, sweet fruits are a great substitute for sweets.
  • Motivation. Think, for what you have decided to go on a diet. Imagine that you have quite a bit left, and you will achieve his goal. Therefore, it is not necessary to give up in any case.