Tibetan slimming aimed at cleansing the body, removal of hazardous substances and the elimination of excess lipid deposits.  Principles of Tibetan cleansing the body

Features of Tibetan cleanse the body and lose weight

Adhere to the system of the Tibetan need to lose weight after consultation with your doctor and dietitian. This technique is contraindicated for people with serious illnesses and has a number of limitations.

Tibetan cleansing of the body is Fasting and excretion from the digestive tract of harmful substances. In the first stage of purgation with the help of magnesium, diluted with water. This laxative should drink 3 cups and repeat the procedure for 3 days. The laxative will reduce the appetite and the body will adjust to the deep cleansing process.

While weight loss is necessary to observe the Tibetan special water balance, daily drinking at least 2, 5 liters of water. Liquid eliminates hunger, improve skin condition and prevent the emergence of a dry mouth and discomfort. Gradually, you must give up eating, eating only fruit / vegetables and drinking water.

A few days later the Tibetan slimming normalization of metabolism and begins a gradual weight loss stage.

The structure of the Tibetan technique of cleansing the body includes the following prerequisites:

  • daily exercise and physical activity in the fresh air (not less than 2-3 km per day);
  • cleansing enemas to 1 liter of boiled water with a temperature of 35-36 degrees;
  • warm shower 2 times a day;
  • Rinse mouth and throat soda solution and decoctions of herbs (mint, sage, eucalyptus, hypericum, etc.) to increase lymphatic barrier;
  • daily self-massage of the chest, abdomen, face, neck and top of the head.

Effective weight loss Tibetan involves the rejection of the use of cosmetics, alcohol and smoking, exposure to synthetic materials.

In the first stage of the Tibetan slimming begins removal of toxins from the body and the transition to internal power. The duration of the first phase is 20 days, the second stage - 25 days, and the third stage - 10-15 days.

Tibetan cleansing of the body can not be held for people with severe diseases of the digestive system, cancer, kidney stone disease, atherosclerosis, mental disorders, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Use of the Tibetan tea for weight loss

Tibetan tea for weight loss is a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and choleretic effect. Tea activates peristalsis, cleanses the body, contributes to weight loss due to the normalization of metabolism.

With regular use of Tibetan tea eliminates swelling, clears the circulatory system, and increases the protective functions of the body.

There are several kinds of tea, consisting of Tibetan fees to cleanse the body. These include:

  • Tea on the basis of echinacea and rose hip;
  • tea, consisting of birch buds, daisies, strawberries, hypericum (standard brew kettle to 3 tablespoons of herbs);
  • Tea, which includes everlasting, chamomile, bay leaf, peppermint, nettle, rosehip and lemongrass (brewed in a glass jar).

Tibetan tea for weight loss is necessary to drink on an empty stomach, starting with 200 ml and gradually increase the volume. Tea helps to eliminate flatulence, colitis, constipation and cramps in the intestines. The drink can be consumed together with prunes and dried apricots.  How does the Tibetan tea for weight loss

Tibetan mantra for weight loss

Tibetan mantra for weight loss is a small text or graphic image of prayer aimed at concentration, peace and improvement of all systems of the body.

Tibetan monks claim that mantra laid sacred code that allows the person to go to the higher level of consciousness, to control themselves and to make spiritual progress. During weight loss Tibetan mantra is an additional means to achieve this goal.

During weight loss Tibetan mantra can be spoken over the water several times a day, as well as mentally immersed in it every day (morning and evening).