Any pill or weight loss diet are powerless if the metabolic processes in the body violated, and the processes of synthesis and accumulation dominate the decay processes that triggers the accumulation of fat.  Herbal tea for weight loss - reviews, types, properties
   Guaranteed effect lose a few kilograms can provide useful and tasty herbal teas for weight loss. These teas from special charges of herbs for weight loss improves metabolic processes in the body, helping to break down fat deposits that are present in the body. Today, there is a very wide choice of herbal teas for weight loss from a variety of manufacturers. But the effect is often provided pohuditelny not splitting fat and laxative and diuretic properties of these teas.

What herbs help to lose weight

Before you choose a herbal tea for weight loss, be sure to carefully read its component composition. What herbs for weight loss will provide the desired effect? If you notice a component composition only those herbs that trigger diarrhea and dehydration, safely refuse this herbal tea. It will do no good, on the contrary, can disrupt the electrolyte balance in the body, cause constipation and a lack of nutrients in the body. It is best to make herbal tea to lose weight on their own at home. Herbs can be like to prepare yourself in advance and buy at the pharmacy. Quality teas not only withdraw from the body, but also improve the metabolism, suppress hunger and contribute to burning the accumulated fat.

One of the most effective is considered to be ginger tea. The essential oil of ginger is able to enhance good metabolism, in addition, it suppresses the appetite, and if add the ginger in a variety of food and drink ginger tea, you can easily limit their amount of food. Also, this tea is very good tones, so they can be easily replaced by the usual coffee at breakfast.

To prepare their own herbal tea for weight loss can brew St. John's wort, and dandelion root. The infusion should be kept about 10 minutes and drink throughout the day.

To lower cholesterol and appetite, use collection of mint, chamomile, elderberry, fennel and limes for weight loss. Prepare a drink in a water bath and take two cups each day. Using limes diet in conjunction with other herbs give good results.

Also, in order to lose weight, you can use herbal tea with lemon balm. He not only has a pleasant taste, but also contains an essential oil that can lower blood pressure. The hot it can be used as a diaphoretic colds and cold - as a tonic. Its properties are due to the acceleration pohuditelnye metabolism.  Gathering herbs for weight loss with a laxative effect
 To prepare the tea, pour a tablespoon of crushed leaves of mint and lemon balm with two cups of boiling water. Cover and leave for an hour, strain and drink throughout the day.

Side effects of slimming teas

According to some reviews, slimming teas, and have side effects. Prior to the course you must be sure to consult a specialist, as the regular use of herbal tea for weight loss can provoke some problems. Can disrupt electrolyte metabolism, occur gradually dehydration due to loss of fluids, as well as with the toxins can be displayed and nutrients that have not yet learned. The period of application of herbal teas from the body can be displayed potassium deficiency which leads to impaired renal function and muscle weakness.

If herbal tea for weight loss has a laxative effect, its prolonged use provokes loss of the body's ability to defecate on their own. Also purchased Phyto may present some dangerous components that affect the internal organs, and some may be addictive. Therefore it is necessary to strictly adhere to the timing of the courses - no longer than 10-14 days with a break of at least 5 days.