Sweet diet

 Sweet diet
 Sweet diet - is not a myth, there is indeed a diet for those who can not do without sweets, and still wants to lose weight. Typically, diets do not consist entirely of sweets, but they are included in the diet. Exercise is not required, but they will help to strengthen the result.

We will look at the most popular and effective diet sweet.

Sweet diet (American)

The American version of sweet diet is based on several principles. Firstly, during the day you should eat fully least 3 times. Secondly no snacking between meals, only water or mineral water. Third, lunch and dinner can only eat low-calorie foods (eg, lean fish, fruits, vegetables). Spices, mayonnaise, butter and vegetable oils are excluded from the process of preparation. You can have breakfast any products and any number (even desserts). In the opinion of a sweet diet (in this version) is psychologically easy to carry as it is known, that for all you can eat breakfast. However, overeating is not necessary.

The daily menu of sweet diet (American)

For breakfast you can eat anything you want. At lunch - 150g boiled chicken (white meat), fresh or stewed vegetables (you can cook them for a couple). Potatoes are not recommended. In addition to dinner, you can eat an additional 400 grams of vegetable soup with chicken or fish broth and yogurt. For dinner relies fruit salad (not recommended grapes and bananas) and a glass of low-fat yogurt.

The duration of the diet may be from 5 to 14 days. For 2 weeks, on average, you can lose weight 5-7 kg. The result is not very impressive, but this sweet diet is fairly easy to move those who do not want to exhaust myself severe restrictions.

Sweet diet for 3 days

This option is ideal for sweet diet of those who eat at home a little.

 Menu sweet diet
 The first day: Breakfast - fruit salad (dressing 1 tablespoon of syrup of rose hips), green tea with 1 tsp honey. At lunch you can eat 2 sandwiches of rye bread with low-fat cheese (eg, 17% cheese Oltermani), tea with 2 tsp fruit jam or honey. At dinner - a fruit salad with the addition of dried fruits (dates, figs, prunes, dried apricots) and 200 ml. chicken broth.

Second day: breakfast - green tea with honey (1 tsp) and lemon, at lunch you can eat a salad of fresh vegetables (seasoned with sour cream), 150 grams of ice-cream (low-fat milk, fruit ice or sorbet). For dinner, 250 ml low-fat yogurt, boiled vegetables (or steamed), a small piece of rye bread.

Third day: breakfast - oatmeal with raisins and 1 tsp honey, green tea with lemon. At lunch you can eat 1 large apple, 150 grams of fat-free yogurt with 1 tsp jam (or fruit jam). Dinner - fresh vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice, 150 grams of boiled fish (or steamed), and 250 ml of milk shake from skim milk and 2 tsp jam.

Duration sweet diet 3 days, during which time you can lose 2-3 kg. Moved this version of the diet is good and suitable for rapid effect.

Fasting days with ice cream

Another option - fasting days on the ice cream. Yes, such discharge also take place in the diet, they can hold 1-2 times a week without any harm to health. In addition to the ice cream contains calcium which promotes weight loss. However, such fasting days are not for those who suffer from diseases of the throat (chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis).

For handling of the day fit lean ice cream (or popsicles). Quantity - is not limited! The truth is, you need only when you feel hungry. Otherwise, no effect. For a week (with 2 days of unloading on ice cream) can lose weight 1-2 kg.

Chocolate Diet

This version is also called the diet Alsou. It's pretty tough sweet diet and not very good for health. But over the 5 days of diet can lose 3 to 6 kg. On the day, you can eat 80 grams of dark chocolate (2 tiles) and they need to drink unsweetened black coffee (you can add skim milk). After 5 days of the diet is a break for 4-6 days, and then it repeats. Talk to your doctor before you start a chocolate diet.

Sweet diet with milk and honey

Another simple version of the diet, which is based on just two products - milk and honey. The duration of such a diet sweet 1 month. At the same time you eat as usual (do not overeat!), But in the morning at 6 o'clock you drink one glass of milk and eat 1 tablespoon of honey. When this option is sweet diet improves skin, tightens facial contours.

If you want to lose weight, but exclude sweet from the diet you do not want, then try these sweet diet. In addition to short-term dieting, you need to learn how to choose an alternative to sweet foods. So you can replace candy on dried fruits, chocolate - for muesli bars. Marshmallows and jellies will not harm your figure (only there they should be no more than 1 cup a day).