Slimming Methods Tatyana Rybakova

Slimming Methods Tatyana Rybakova is a power supply system, which was developed by a young girl, 14 years old vesivshey about 100 kg, and then grown thin for 5-6 years up to 50 kg.  Healthy eating and physical activity - the basis of weight loss methods Tatyana Rybakova

Features diet Tatiana Rybakova

The basis of weight loss methods Tatyana Rybakova a regular healthy diet and regular exercise. Only through a systematic diet and respect for basic recommendations to lose weight can be as effective as thin Tatiana Rybakov.

The basic rules of diet Rybakova, who must constantly perform include:

  • increasing the number of meals to 4-7 times per day;
  • eating food in small portions;
  • plan a dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime;
  • after 18-00 hours only low-calorie snacks;
  • you must paint the number of calories for each meal;
  • the main meal should contain no more than 400 calories and snacks about 100-150 calories;
  • dietary products need to eat anywhere, including at work, vacation or at a party.

In order to lose weight on so much as slimmed Rybakov, it is necessary to completely overhaul its system of power and mode of work. The process of losing weight by the method Tatyana Rybakova is slow, but has no harmful effects on the body and will not be negative consequences.

Gradual weight loss will allow the body to adjust to change and to adapt to the new conditions of supply, and in addition, the muscles and tissue will remain in good shape.

When a diet Tatiana Rybakova need to pay particular attention to physical stress. Every day should be made a set of exercises to stretch the muscles, strengthening the pelvis, thighs, and press.

The basic rules of the diet when diet Rybakova

Diet Tatyana Rybakova includes strict adherence to the rules of eating and eating health food. These include:

  • complete renunciation of sugar and exclusion from the diet of flour products;
  • drinking plenty of fluids, especially green tea;
  • the exclusion of meat products allowed chicken, fish, lean beef occasionally boiled or steamed;
  • daily consumption of yogurt and nonfat cottage cheese.

Tatiana Ribakova for several years systemically lost weight without using any food after 16-00 except vegetable broth and green tea. If you follow these instructions, you can lose weight as well as thin Rybakova with XXL size up to size L.

The next step of the method of weight loss Tatyana Rybakova - a regular fitness and aerobics. Through these exercises, she lost weight to 50 kg, strengthened muscle and ligaments, increase immunity and improve skin condition.  Vegetable soup - dinner diet Tatiana Rybakova

The menu for the diet Tatiana Rybakova

To diet Rybakova gave a good result, you need to carefully paint the menu. Approximate diet for a day might look like this:

  • breakfast - oatmeal with fruit and berries, green tea, low-fat cottage cheese;
  • lunch - boiled or baked fish with rice and herbs, kiwi, green tea;
  • afternoon tea - green tea or a cup of yogurt;
  • Dinner - vegetable broth or chicken breast, steamed side dish of stewed vegetables and green tea;
  • three hours before bedtime can drink a glass of kefir.

Keeping a diet Tatiana Rybakova can bite several times a day with fresh fruit and constantly drink non-carbonated mineral water. In severe attacks of hunger you can eat vegetable broth or low-fat cottage cheese.

Products that are not included in the diet weight loss system techniques Tatyana Rybakova, should be excluded from the diet. The diet should be permanent, but a few times a month are allowed to eat canned vegetables, rye bread and boiled beef.