Protein diet

 Protein diet
 Brief description of the protein diet

Protein diet should appeal to meat-eaters. From a man trying protein diet for weight loss, you want to avoid carbohydrates, dairy products, sweets (even sweet forbidden fruit), alcohol, some types of vegetables. It allows only protein foods of animal origin.

Usually lasts protein diet strictly 10 days, as opposed to protein Dukan Diet, which is calculated for months and on request - for a lifetime.

Menu protein diet

To really lose weight on this diet, you should know what you can and can not eat in the allotted days for the diet.

The menu protein diet include: any fish (canned fish are also allowed, but they must be made without oil), sausage, bacon, any meat, any vegetables (there are some exceptions to these a little later), boiled eggs and fried. The main condition - the bread should not be at all.

The menu protein diet vegetable fats banned, with one exception - for salads and frying eggs, you can use a little bit of olive oil. It would be even better if you refrain from oil and eggs to make an omelet instead of a couple, and tucked salad with lemon juice.

Under the ban in the protein diet are: dairy products, flour, bread, all cereals, potatoes, carrots, corn, whole fruits, sugar substitutes, alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

Meat and fish can be cooked in several ways: boiled in water, steamed, baked in the oven, on the grill, most importantly, without the use of oil.

Menu protein diet can vary with soy cheese and tofu soup made from a puree. For the soup you will need a leek whites of one or two eggs. First, cook the onion and cheese, in 10-15 minutes, pour the whites into the boiling soup, a little cook and turn off. Do not overdo it with water, this soup should be thick.

To achieve good results, you must follow some rules: you can not sit on the protein diet for weight loss for more than 10 days, you can not eat after 20.00, to use liquid earlier than 30 minutes after a meal. Allowed to repeat the diet every two months and stop the diet ahead of schedule, if the menu was broken (it is assumed that a positive result is still not achieved). If the diet has been interrupted, it is possible to return in two weeks.

It is strongly recommended before a meal to drink a glass of water, eat a fractional - at least five times a day, supplemented with protein diet for weight loss physical exercise - jogging or aerobics.

The protein Dukan Diet, which consists of four stages, differs slightly from the standard diet on the protein list of authorized products and the fact that there are some mandatory rules:

  • drink half a liter of water a day - or drinking non-carbonated mineral;
  • every day there are oat bran - one and a half or three tablespoons. Drink their water. The recommendation is due to the fact that eating protein can cause frequent constipation, and bran serve as a good prevention;
  • every day of hiking or running;
  • during the passage of 1st and 2nd phases of further use vitamins.

The first stage of protein Dukan Diet lasts 3-10 days, depending on how many kilograms want to lose. If the goal - 10kg, the first phase should last at least three days if 10-20 kg - 3-5 days, if more than 30kg - 5-10 days.

There are reviews that protein diet in the first stage really lets lose 2-6 kg.

Permission to use: liver, kidney, beef tongue and veal, lean beef and pork, poultry meat, separated from the skin, fish, seafood, lean ham, raw and cooked eggs, low-fat cottage cheese and milk, other dairy and dairy products.

From food of vegetable origin allowed pickled cucumbers and lemon. Cooking can be just a couple, grilled foods can be eaten boiled, but frying is excluded. Although the amount of food protein Dukan Diet is not limited to overeat, of course, impossible.

Salt, garlic, onions, and other seasonings in small amounts are permitted. You can drink the water, herbal, green tea, coffee.

Judging by the reviews, the protein diet in this phase is accompanied by fatigue, dry mouth, weakness.

The second stage of the protein Dukan Diet involves alternation of products: there are protein-protein and vegetable days. Consecutive days is determined by weight, if necessary reset 10kg - alternated one protein, one mixed day or two, and these two or three of the three. If excess weight more alternate 5 5.

Permitted mixed vegetables in days: asparagus, cabbage of all kinds, cucumber, radishes, celery, tomatoes, beans in pods, spinach, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, carrots, beets, and occasionally. Not allowed to eat avocados, beans, potatoes, peas, lentils.

Vegetables can be boiled, baked, eaten raw.

At this stage, is easing, and the menu protein diet administered every day for two products from the list: cream made from soy (two tablespoons) cream of 3-4% (one tea spoon), low-fat cheese (30g), dry wine (three spoon), starch (one spoon), ketchup (a spoon).

In addition to this list are allowed: soy sauce, Adjika, seaweed, garlic, agar-agar, sugar, gelatin, tofu, milk powder and skim, canned fish, natural, crab sticks (no more than 8 pieces).

At this stage also can not forget about the bran - 2stolovye spoon every day.

The third stage of protein Dukan Diet lasts as much as a kilogram was dropped in the second step: one kilogram is equal to 10 days.

Rules of this stage:

  • Oat bran - every day for 2, 5 tablespoons;
  • only protein food - once per day;
  • any dish, even contain calories - can be eaten for breakfast or lunch, 2 times a week (these days do not have to go in a row);
  • fruit - every day. You can not eat cherries, grapes, bananas;
  • two slices of bread, 40g of cheese - every day;
  • rice, peas, potatoes, pasta, beans - in an amount in one portion allowed twice a week.

In the last fourth stage protein Dukan Diet result is fixed. No special restrictions, but one day a week is recommended to use only food protein and do not forget to eat daily three tablespoons of oat bran.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

 There are reviews that protein diet in the first stage really lets lose 2-6 kg
 A lot of positive feedback about the protein diet because, despite the restrictions, psychologically it is well tolerated. The list of authorized products rather big, which allows to diversify their menus. Moreover, numerous reviews of the protein diet is confirmed by the fact that the weight does not come back soon, and it stimulates. The best effect was observed in those cases when the diet accompanied by regular physical activity.

Such a diet is contraindicated for people suffering from kidney and liver, cardiovascular diseases. Keep in mind that protein triggers thrombus, so in case of problems with blood vessels with protein diet for weight loss is better not to experiment.

Another drawback of the diet on a protein can be called that it hardly balanced nutrition, it may lead to a deficiency of essential nutrients, especially, calcium.