Turpentine bath for weight loss, more and more are gaining popularity.  The effectiveness of turpentine baths slimming
 They help normalize the metabolism and get rid of cellulite, and then look slimmer and more attractive.

How do turpentine baths slimming

Turpentine baths were invented Zalmanova doctor, who appointed them in order to cleanse the capillaries and restore metabolism. He used them to treat various diseases.

The healing effect of these baths is carried out through the skin, and this substance is able to act comprehensively.

Turpentine - is the product of the distillation of resin trees from the pine family. It consists of substances that are part of the foundations of any essential oil. The basic properties of turpentine - analgesic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant.

Turpentine baths slimming facilitate the smooth running of the smallest blood vessels - capillaries, allowing enhanced blood circulation and metabolism, leading to weight loss.

Contraindications turpentine baths slimming

Turpentine baths can not be used when they are hypersensitive or allergic to turpentine, severe mental or physical diseases, exacerbation of chronic conditions during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

According to the doctors, turpentine baths slimming not suitable for everyone, so before you adopt a common bath, it is necessary to do the test, dropping a hand for 15 minutes in a solution prepared in the ratio for the bath. If during this time there was no discomfort, redness or itching, you can apply this procedure.

It is dangerous to use turpentine baths slimming in the case of drunkenness, as at this time the blood capillaries and so extended, and additional action may provoke unpleasant consequences.

In the pathology of the heart (myocardial infarction, stroke, arrhythmia, congestive heart failure), turpentine baths are also contraindicated. The full list of contraindications should learn from his doctor.

Varieties of turpentine baths

By type of turpentine baths are distinguished:

  • White;
  • Yellow;
  • Mixed.

White turpentine contributes to a more complete disclosure of the capillaries, and yellow washes out toxins have already revealed vessels. But more often used for baths mixed with turpentine.

White turpentine completely dissolved in water, it contributes to the rhythmic squeezing and unclamping capillary walls. This normalizes blood pressure, improves the penetration of oxygen in the tissue. While taking a bath with a white turpentine felt not strong tingling or burning sensation in different parts of the body. This is evidence that the contracting muscles, and gradually getting used to the tingling occurs.

The yellow turpentine are added castor oil and oleic acid, which give it a distinctive color. When absorbed through the skin yellow turpentine harmful substances begin to be displayed then, there is resorption of salt deposits in the joints. Yellow turpentine baths slimming Review does not cause such a sensation as white.

Slimming fit any of the three types of baths, but it is better to pick them under the guidance of a doctor, who will assess the individual characteristics and advise the best option. The effect of such baths is not immediately noticeable and dramatic weight loss will not happen. Only foreign exchange reception turpentine baths slimming Review can reduce weight, but not as a rigid diet.  Turpentine baths Slimming - reviews of doctors and patients

How to make turpentine bath slimming

Since turpentine practically insoluble in water, requires a special technique for the preparation of baths. To do this for 0, 5 liters of boiling water add 2 tablespoons grated tar soap and about 0, 75 ml of salicylic acid. The components of the emulsion should be gently mix until completely dissolved, cool it, and then add only 0, 5 liters of turpentine.

The warm water bath was poured 20 ml of an emulsion, each time it increases the amount of the end course of leading up to 80 ml.

The optimum temperature for making turpentine baths - 25 degrees, the duration of the first session - no more than 15 minutes. After the bath should take a shower, wipe and lie under a blanket. The most optimal time for turpentine baths - before going to bed at night.