Nuclear diet

At the heart of atomic diet is the alternation of protein and carbohydrate days. This makes it possible to achieve really "atomic" results - in just one week without starvation can get rid of seven to eight extra kilos.


 When atomic diet can lose up to 8 kg
 In atomic diet has two main rules:

  • Do not eat three hours before the night's rest;
  • Completely eliminate from your diet sugar, potatoes and flour products.

There can be as many as you want at any time of the day. Author nuclear diets strongly recommends not to starve yourself, otherwise the body will start to form adipose tissue as if from the air. Also, despite the fact that it is permitted to eat as you want, try to eat food portions moderate, not overeating.

According to this procedure can not deprive itself and largely deprived of the joys of life. For example, if you have planned a picnic (with barbecue, of course), you should not give it up, just (if protein per day) exclude a side dish of vegetables. Instead, he allowed himself to indulge dry wine, since it contains virtually no carbohydrates, and the process of weight loss is not significantly affected. Even in restaurants you can always pick up a suitable diet which will allow you during dieting enjoy life.


The carbohydrate day eat vegetables and fruits. Allowed meatless soup (soup), stews, lecho, cell, salads, vegetables and fruits. Drink ginger tea is recommended - it is capable of a good increases metabolism and accelerate the burning of body fat.

The protein day eat protein foods: chicken, fish, beef, yogurt, cheese. Drink coffee with milk is recommended and clean water.

For protein a day you will have time to get bored of vegetables for a vegetable - of proteins.

When you reach the desired result, you can slightly adjust their menu, typing in a buckwheat, oatmeal and pasta made from wheat flour.

Sample menu diet nuclear

The protein day

  • Breakfast: two eggs; cheese, sausage, sausage or cheese; coffee with milk.
  •   Lunch: chicken breast (no breading), meat or fish (can be baked or roasted - does not matter).
  •   Dinner: cottage cheese, cheese, fish, yogurt (in the evening it is better not to eat meat - it is a long time to digest).

Carbohydrate Day

  • Breakfast: salad with the addition of olive oil; sauteed eggplant;
  •   Lunch: soup or vegetable soup (potatoes replace a small amount of beans); lecho; salad; Salinity (cucumber, tomato, garlic).
  •   Dinner: the cell; the vinaigrette; optional - lecho.
  •   Between lunch and dinner, you can eat any fruit (bananas and grapes - in small amounts), freshly squeezed juices.

The carbohydrate a day is also very good to make the raw lettuce, beet caviar or foie fasolny (from green beans), salad with beans (instead of potatoes) or cooked celery root.

The results of atomic diet

 In atomic diet alternate carbohydrate and protein days
 Results nuclear diets correspond to its name - the weight actually goes very quickly (7-8 kg per week) and will not be returned. To maintain and improve the results of such stunning technique author recommends to do sports better to walk for 1-1, 5:00, as the fat while walking start to burn for about the fortieth minute. Running undesirable because there is a big load on the joints. Allowed as dance and gymnastics, but the trainers are undesirable. A good way to maintain the achieved results - forget about the elevator.

Reviews of Atomic diet

According to the feedback atomic diet helps all those who resorted to it. It should be noted that this diet has its own feature - the weight goes in spurts, but not uniformly, first decreases rapidly, then stand still for five or six days, then again sharply away for five days, then stops again - so for all compliance Atomic diet.

This diet you can stick to even a lifetime, it can shoot down during the holidays, the only - do not use sugar, potatoes and bread, and a lifetime can remain slim.