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 Michel Montignac - individual developer diet
 What is Michel Montignac diet

This power system was developed as an alternative to the existing, but ineffective diets. Faced with the problem of excess weight, Michel Montignac tried to imagine many diets, but none of them has yielded results. Then the representative of the pharmaceutical company has developed its innovative system of weight loss, the basic principles of which subsequently began to overtly or covertly used many nutritionists.

Montignac Diet is today recognized as a classic of nutrition, weight loss efficacy of the system has been confirmed by millions of people worldwide.

In order to understand how the Michel Montignac diet, you need a little bit acquainted with the processes that take place inside our body. Almost everyone knows about the existence of the hormone insulin, which is the production of a reaction of the body to increase blood sugar levels. However, few people know that this important hormone promotes the postponement of fat in the body, preventing their degradation. In order to, as they say, know the enemy's face, Dr. Montignac all products on the basis of shared values ​​of their glycemic index - the higher the glycemic index, the faster increases blood sugar levels.

The basis of Montignac diet is eating foods glycemic index does not exceed 55, because it is food with these components contribute to weight loss. For convenience, a table has been specially diet Montinjaka, whereby all of the products are divided into those that have:

  • High glycemic index - more than 70. These products include products made from puff and leavened text, and other baked goods made from wheat flour. In addition, a high glycemic index are potatoes, squash, watermelon, beans, grapes, dried fruits. Also, this category includes sugar, candy, milk chocolate, gelatin, chips, cereals and sugar, cereals, rice noodles. As for drinks, have a high glycemic index, sweet fruit drinks and juices, lemonade, cola, kvass, beer.
  • The average glycemic index - within 55-70. Table Montignac diet in this group of products includes products from wheat flour, rye bread, semolina, rice, potatoes "in uniform", popcorn, corn, honey. Because fruits and vegetables are the average glycemic index of carrots, beets, green peas, banana, pineapple, apricot, melon, papaya, mango, kiwi, raisins.
  • Low glycemic index - less than 50. The slowest increase in blood sugar causes the consumption of foods such as wild rice, wheat germ, dark chocolate (at least 80% cocoa), plums, cherries, grapefruit, pears, peaches, green apples. In addition, the breakdown of fat in the body do not interfere with the eggs, poultry, fish, meat, mushrooms, nuts, green salad, and soy milk, vegetable juice, orange and apple juices without added sugar.

The first phase of the diet Montignac

This phase is dedicated to weight loss, so the menu Montignac diet is recommended to include foods glycemic index is below 55. In addition, there must be in accordance with the principles of a separate food. For example, carbohydrates glycemic index above 20 can not simultaneously use products containing fat, but cabbage, tomatoes, green vegetables and mushrooms can safely eat. By the use of foods rich in fats (fish, poultry, meat, oil), and reception of carbohydrate foods (potatoes, pasta, bread) Wait at least three hours.

At this point, it would seem, Michel Montignac diet contradicts itself - on the one hand, you need to eat foods with a low glycemic index, and on the other hand, describes when to eat potatoes and pasta. However, Montignac does not prohibit in moderation, preferably for breakfast, apart from fat, there are some products, such as bread with bran, pasta wholemeal and cooked "in uniform" potatoes. It is also permitted in the first phase to diversify the menu Montignac diet dishes made from brown or wild rice, red beans, and a little mayonnaise. You can also treat yourself to a low-fat yogurt, cheese, crab sticks and low-fat ham.

For products that are on the menu at the stage of the Montignac diet weight loss may be present in unlimited quantities, are:

  • vegetable soups;
  • stewed and fresh vegetables, herbs;
  • fruits and berries, both fresh and frozen;
  • mushrooms;
  • meat (not too fat);
  • all kinds of fish;
  • poultry;
  • squid;
  • shrimp;
  • eggs.

It is very important in this system of weight loss eat three times a day, not skipping meals. The first phase lasts as long as the desired number is dumped extra kilos. As the reviews, the Montignac diet  Table Montignac diet
 It is not hungry and transferred, as a rule, good.

The second phase of the diet

The second phase aims to keep the weight at that level. In this phase, it is still recommended to give preference to products which, in accordance with the table of the Montignac diet, have a low glycemic index. However, at this stage, are provided in the form of relief is sometimes possible to combine the use and fats, and carbohydrates. The only such combination meals is recommended to accompany the consumption of salad vegetables that are rich in fiber.

At this stage, the Montignac diet menu continue to be excluded bakery, but the choice between butter and vegetable oil, it is recommended to give preference to the latter.

Reviews of Montignac diet confirm that the system is not intended to supply fast weight loss, the results appear gradually over time, but for many it was the only way to lose weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet Montignac

The indisputable advantage of Michel Montignac diet is its relative ease of compliance on the one hand, the list of approved products is large enough, and on the other hand, there are no restrictions on the salt.

Montignac diet helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body, which is important for weight loss and weight stabilization at the desired level.

The disadvantage of this system is its imbalance of power that, given the duration of the diet can be harmful to health. For this reason, vitamin-mineral complexes throughout the diet is a must.

As the reviews, the Montignac diet for two months, compliance allows you to reset some twenty kilos overweight. A second course may be conducted not earlier than two months.