Kiwi slimming

According to various sources, the kiwi is home to China. It is also called "Chinese gooseberries" or "monkey peach". A gentle unusual name of this fruit was in New Zealand, because of the similarity with a small bird kiwi, emblem of this country.  Calorie Kiwi and efficiency in the use of weight loss

More recently, we almost did not know about the kiwi. And not much he impresses with its mohnatenkim views. But it is necessary to clean it and cut as we are pleasantly surprised by its unusual flavor, tenderness and fun coloring. Today, the kiwi is very popular not only for its taste, but also healing qualities. And many women have successfully used the kiwi diet.

Useful properties of kiwifruit

Kiwi is by far the most important guardian of vitamin C, so necessary for everyone. It also contains large amounts of potassium, which protects our cardiovascular system, the iodine is responsible for the stability of the immune system. Eating kiwi fruit every day reduces the risk of blood clots. Kiwi fruit contains large amounts of folic acid, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and D. kiwi juice improves mental and physical activity, has properties inhibiting tumor formation, as a good antioxidant.

Have kiwi another very interesting property. It perfectly burns fat. And that is why nutritionists recommend use of kiwi diet. Indeed, in our time, when we are all striving for perfection, tightened figure is an indicator of our success. In the opinion of the kiwi diet makes it easy to get rid of extra kilograms of body weight and it does not harm their health.

Calorie Kiwi

It's time to talk about this gentle calorie product. The most surprising its quality - is the lack of cholesterol in it.

How many calories in kiwi - This question is, of course, all those wishing to maintain the harmony of the figure. We hasten to reassure you. You can safely use this miracle fruit to eat because kiwifruit calorie is only 47 kcal per 100 g of product, i.e. eating one medium kiwi fruit, you eat just 47 calories.

In the dried kiwi calorie is much higher and is already 355 kcal. Therefore exclusively use slimming kiwi fresh.

Fresh kiwi fruit is widely used in cooking as additions to desserts for dieters, but use different yummy.

Diet kiwi

Talk about a diet based on the use of the kiwi diet. The basis of this diet is the use of a day not less than 10 fruit of this wonderful product. We have already answered the question about how many calories in kiwi. Therefore, this fruit can be included in the daily menu without fear of increasing his total calories.

The main portion of the kiwi should be eaten in the middle of the day, ie, at lunch. It is about 4 - 5 fruits. The rest is distributed between breakfast and dinner. Preferably in the evening to cook diet salad with kiwi.

Well the diet kiwi menu include cheese, fresh vegetables, yogurt, fish, cheese, chicken, low-fat varieties. Follow this diet for two weeks and then gradually move on to your usual diet. Repeat this diet can be no earlier than two months. With this diet, you will lose 4-5 kilograms.

People who drink diet kiwi, reviews left mostly positive. They often report that using fresh fruit of this amazing fruit lost 5-6 kilos. The story is also about their methods of cooking with kiwi - salads, cereals, fruit mixtures. Some complain that it was not possible immediately lose all the excess weight. But we must not forget that any diet is not a panacea for the problems. And for effective weight loss should be to combine it with sports.

Slimming cocktail of kiwi

Now the popular cooking different cocktails. These are prepared from anything. They are tasty, nutritious and do not burden the stomach.

Here are a few recipes for cocktails light diet kiwi:

  • To prepare milkshake kiwi, you will need 2 kiwi fruit, medium-sized, 1 banana, 200 ml milk, vanilla - 1 bag, 2 tablespoons of vanilla and caramel ice cream. Do not worry, there is not a lot of calories. The whole is stirred in a blender, and a cocktail prepared.  Diet kiwi - reviews and results
  • Cool Green cocktail diet kiwi perfectly refresh you in the summer. Preparing it simply. Take 5 pieces of kiwi, 3 sprigs of celery, 1 banana or orange, 2 cups of water, ice cubes, mix everything in a blender, and then drink it with pleasure.
  • Very light cocktail of kiwi with mint is very simple. Kiwi grind, mix with yogurt and add the mint. All the mixer - and bon appetit.

Contraindications to the use of kiwi

Low calorie kiwi and a high concentration of nutrients it provides an excellent tonic effect on the body. Kiwi juice kiwi can be used for adults and children. But there are certain limitations. We do not eat kiwi people who are prone to allergies, as well as suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Remember that.

All those wishing to lose weight without compromising health suggested include kiwi to your diet.