Grapefruit Diet

 Grapefruit Diet for a week allows you to lose about 4 kilograms of excess weight
 The essence of the Grapefruit Diet

This weight loss system based on the use of grapefruit, the properties of which is due to the result of the eponymous diet. Grapefruit contains substances that help burn more calories, and this fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals that help the body to more easily move a stressful situation related to weight loss. Grapefruit, especially in the partitions and transparent film contains naringin, which prevents the absorption of fat. The presence of the substance is due to the bitter taste of this exotic fruit.

According to reviews, the grapefruit diet for a week allows you to reset approximately 4 kilograms of excess weight. In order to achieve maximum results, you should stick to the recommended menu and is not later than 7 pm.

Grapefruit Diet Menu

Grapefruit Diet for weight loss diet is as follows:

Monday. For breakfast, it should be limited to half a grapefruit, lean ham (50 g) and a cup of coffee or tea without sugar with honey. Lunch is the same as breakfast, with the replacement of ham on the vegetable salad (you can use any vegetables, except potatoes). Dinner that day grapefruit diet involves boiled or roasted grilled meat (100 grams), green salad and green tea with honey.

Tuesday. Breakfast is the same as on Monday, replacing the ham with two boiled eggs. For lunch should be eaten 50 grams of cheese or 150 g low-fat cottage cheese and half a grapefruit. For dinner, you can treat yourself to fish and fish stew, grilled, 200 g and vegetable salad and a slice of black bread.

Wednesday. Breakfast that day grapefruit diet is presented oatmeal or muesli (2 tbsp. L.), Raisins (1 tablespoon) and chopped nuts (1 tablespoon). All these products should pour low-fat milk or yogurt. I am sure this morning should be eaten half a grapefruit. The second half of the fruit you need to eat during the lunch meal. In addition, lunch involves a cup of vegetable soup or clear broth and two crackers. Dinner should consist of 200 grams of chicken, two baked tomatoes and green tea with honey. At night you need to eat half a grapefruit.

Thursday. Breakfast in the day limited boiled egg, a glass of tomato juice and green tea with honey. For lunch, it is recommended to eat a vegetable salad (you can use carrots, broccoli, lettuce, celery), a slice of black bread and half a grapefruit. For dinner, we recommend any boiled or steamed vegetables (400 g), except potatoes, and green tea with honey. At night you need to eat half a grapefruit or drink grapefruit fresh.

Friday. Breakfast that day grapefruit diet is presented fruit salad of half orange, half a grapefruit and a small apple, coffee or tea without sugar with honey. For lunch, you must eat a big baked potato and salad. For dinner allowed tomato juice or tomato baked two and to choose: Beef steak (200 g), chicken (250 g), or fish (250 g). At night - half a grapefruit or fresh.

Saturday and Sunday. In these days of Grapefruit Diet for weight loss, you can select any menu option of the above.

Note: All vegetable salads should fill the 1 tsp olive oil.

As the reviews about grapefruit diet, sometimes torturing hunger pangs, to quench that permit "snacks" in the form of an apple or a cup of yogurt.

 Egg-grapefruit diet for a week allows you to lose up to 7 kg
 Egg-grapefruit diet

If you need a week to lose about 7 kilograms of excess weight, you can use egg-grapefruit diet, the mechanism of which is based on the "deadly" for fat combined properties of grapefruit and protein.

Menu of the diet is quite simple. Breakfast - boiled egg, a slice of rye bread, half a grapefruit, coffee without sugar or lemon tea. At lunch the same products as in the breakfast, the replacement of another egg bread. For dinner should eat two boiled eggs, half a grapefruit and drinking lemon tea without sugar. This menu should be followed for 7 days.

There is one egg-grapefruit diet, which fully corresponds to its name: a week your daily diet should be restricted eggs (7 pcs.) And the small size of grapefruits (7 pcs.). This diet involves drinking plenty of fluids - about three liters of water daily.

Due to the fact that the eggs are sufficiently allergenic foods and grapefruits possess the ability to lower the pressure, before starting the diet should be possible contraindications discuss with your physician.