Grapefruit diet

 Calorie-grapefruit - 55 kcal per 100 grams
 Among the large number of fruits, known to date, which account for a small amount of calories, grapefruit diet is used most often. This fruit has a bright color and very juicy pulp, which is due to a slight bitterness do not always like the people. This arises as a result of the presence of bitter white partitions between segments of the fetus, which is quite simple to remove. However, to reduce the amount of calories in grapefruit helps it bitterness, which often try to avoid during the use of this product.


When planning to get rid of extra kilos and thinking about what to buy or not to buy a grapefruit, first of all, you should find out how many calories are in grapefruit. Despite the fact that the ripe fruit contains a lot of fructose and glucose is very low calorie grapefruit. Proof of this can become a fact which states that 100 grams of the fetus is not more than 55 calories. By suppressing hunger with the help of a grapefruit, and eating in a day about 3-4 pieces, it is possible not to worry about what you will put on weight. In addition, grapefruit will strongly contribute to the rapid transformation of your waist and hips to the cherished dream. That is why the grapefruit diet - an indispensable product.

Grapefruit diet: egg-grapefruit diet

The resulting low calorie grapefruit occurs annually increasing number of recipes diets, including this product. However, along with all this variety, one of the foremost is the method that combines a small number of calories grapefruit and eggs. Evidence that this recipe does give the desired result could be the fact that he was at one time used by such famous women as Madonna, Anita Tsoi, Daria Dontsova and Sophia Loren.

It is known three methods, which allow to use the grapefruit diet in combination with egg: they last for two, four or seven days. Starting to use this diet, you should know that experts attribute it to a very rigid, so to preserve their health, this method of losing weight should not be repeated more frequently than once a month.

The first method (calculated for two days)

Just before breakfast should be eaten ripe grapefruit half with white, bitter partitions, since they reduce the calorie content of a grapefruit. Thereafter, it is recommended to eat one boiled egg, 200 g of water to drink and a cup of coffee.

Lunch should consist of two boiled eggs, half a grapefruit and a cup of tea with a slice of lemon. Suppress a strong sense of hunger can be due to a piece of rye bread. Dinner should consist of two boiled eggs, a pair of grapefruit, a glass or two of clean water. It is also not forbidden to have a cup of coffee. The second day of the diet is absolutely identical to the first. Due to such a diet can lose weight by 2 or 3 kg.

The second method (lasts 4 days)

Breakfast consists of a hard-boiled eggs and 200 grams of grapefruit juice, knowing that grapefruit calories very little. Not forbidden to drink tea with lemon slice and eat a small piece of rye bread. During lunch consumed unsweetened tea, eat an apple and mash, which is composed of two potatoes and a little milk. For dinner, you need to cook one boiled egg, half a grapefruit crude, 200 g of tomato juice and tea with lemon.  Approximate diet grapefruit diet for weight loss

In this case, using the grapefruit diet, you can lose 1 kg.

The third method (continued 7 days)

During the first day of the alleged diet you can eat only grapefruit 4. The diet of the second day shall consist of 500 g low-fat cottage cheese. On the third day, eat only 6 hard-boiled eggs. The fourth day - you can eat no more than 600 grams of baked or boiled beets. During the fifth day - 500 g of any fish. Menu is limited to the sixth day of 6 grapefruits, seventh - 500 g of any lean meat.

Applying a similar version of the diet, it is possible to lose weight by 7 kg.

Grapefruit diet: the positive properties

In addition to calories in grapefruit it has a very small amount, is capable of bringing benefits not only to the flesh of the fruit. Thus, it is known that it is used to create the peel of essential oils, a plurality of underwire is useful microelements, including iodine. Bitter partitions grapefruit and juicy pulp is rich in organic acids, among which one of the important place of phenylalanine. It is because of such substances calorie grapefruit is not terrible at losing weight. In humans, there is a feeling of fullness soon after he eats grapefruit. Metabolic processes are enhanced and fat begin to melt before our eyes.

Grapefruit should be used immediately after the great mental stress and athletic training because it perfectly displays the fluid from the body. Also, do not forget at least occasionally indulge yourself this citrus, you can improve bowel (due to fiber pulp).

Now you can not be afraid to question how many calories in a grapefruit. Representing great value for the body, it can make any person slim and beautiful in the eyes of others.

Grapefruit diet overnight

According to experts, not necessarily to torture your body debilitating diets to transform your body. Suffice it daily, just before dinner, eat one or half a grapefruit, which would entail a rapid digestion and eliminate the deposition of excess calories. In case you do not want to eat the flesh of the fruit, it is possible to replace freshly grapefruit juice. Keep in mind that the small calorie grapefruit help to lose weight only if eaten fresh, not packaged juice.