Fat diet

Fat diet was developed by Polish nutritionist Jan Kwasniewski. His proposed power system is inherently paradoxical. Many well-known nutritionists are terrified of them a list of recommended foods.  Features food fat diet

Principle fat diet Kwasniewski

Fat diet aimed primarily at reducing excessive weight. But while this technique is recommended to lose weight with the help of fat consumption and minimizing carbohydrates in the diet. Pan Kwasniewski is no stranger to nutrition, health problems, he is engaged in power for over 30 years. His method he proclaimed not only as a versatile and useful, but also recommends that adhere to it throughout their lives.

Fat diet Kwasniewski offers forget fruit and kefir diet, and to have a perfect figure and health - to use an active fatty foods. According to the author of this power supply system, with the help of his diet started recycling mechanism of accumulated fat. Due to this, there is an economy of intramuscular energy reserves.

Kwasniewski said that it is necessary to use only food that gives a lot of energy and is easily digested. Kwasniewski fat diet includes mostly animal proteins and fats.

Used in food fat diet - "pros" and "cons"

Fat diet Kwasniewski proposes to include in the daily diet from 5 to 8 eggs, meat offal, fat, milk, cream and cheese. And it is desirable that they are fat.

The menu may be used containing at least carbohydrate foods: vegetables, pasta, potatoes and flour. But there should be quite a bit. On the day, according to the doctor, just a piece of bread.

Polish nutritionists recommend limiting, if not eliminate fat from the diet of fruits and vegetables. According to him, in addition to water them almost nothing. In order not to load the stomach extra work, he advises to replace them with clean water. Regarding vitamins that the body must get from food, Dr. Kwasniewski believes that they are in sufficient quantity found in meat and offal: heart, liver, kidneys and lungs.

Fat diet Kwasniewski categorically reject offers from those contained in bread, bran, beans fiber. According to the doctor, it is nonsense recommendation to use fiber to improve digestive tract. He says, fiber is not digested by the body, and therefore there is no need to use it for food.

Recommendations Dr. Kwasniewski

Fat diet recommended to eat food in a relaxed atmosphere, carefully and slowly, chewing it. During the meal, not to engage in watching TV and reading magazines. After the meal is recommended for 15 minutes to rest. Engage in physical activity after 2-3 hours.

But in fact nothing new in these recommendations Kwasniewski is not detected, and it is impossible to agree with them.

Fat diet allowed to eat at any time of the day. The principle is: eat when you want. Dinner can serve two cheesecakes with butter, unsweetened marmalade and 1 cup of heavy cream.

Fat diet Kwasniewski advises not gradually, but immediately switch to fat food. According to the doctor, in a short time a person feels a surge of strength and vigor. The overall health is improved, and most importantly - a reduction of excessive weight.  The use of fat - fat-based diet Kwasniewski

There are recommended 2-3 times a day without snacking. But I think that by eating high-calorie foods have often not particularly want to be in the limelight in the digestion of proteins and fats.

Fat diet Kwasniewski: reviews

As it may seem strange, but in Poland there are a more than 2 million. Followers fat diet. Many of them practice a system of power for many years, and their reviews Kwasniewski fat diet makes them feel great. There are many clubs, which discusses new recipes this diet.

Sample menu for the day fat diet

  • Breakfast: fried bacon fried eggs on a minimum of 3 eggs dipped in fat slice of bread and a cup of unsweetened tea.
  • Lunch: fried in breadcrumbs with egg bold chop 150 grams, pounded in fat from frying potatoes, pickled cucumber.
  • Dinner: cheese pancakes with butter, marmalade and a glass of unsweetened cream.

Many people used to believe in the existence of some wonderful ways to effortlessly be slim and fit figure. And if all this is reinforced by statements about the restoration of health when taking array of delicious foods in the literal sense, the resist is probably difficult. Many of the followers fat diet Kwasniewski do not think that the official dietetics has long been carefully studying the possibility of a correct and balanced diet. Yes, you can focus on reviews fat diet Kwasniewski, but in all that time not so much.