Fasting is a method of alternative medicine lies in its voluntary refusal of food and, in some cases, from the water, followed by dietetic food for several days.  Fasting - a method of treatment of many diseases

Depending on the method of fasting can be full (allowed to drink water), absolute (prohibited food and water) and combined (two days without water for two days with water). Timing starvation depends on its type, namely:

  • Absolute - 1-2 days;
  • Combined - 3-7 days;
  • Full - up to 40 days.

Methods of starvation Ohanian

Methods of starvation Ohanian includes mandatory purification. Fasting begins with the evening cleaning procedures - receiving saline laxative solution (Epsom salt), which is washed down with a decoction of herbs with lemon juice and honey. Against the background of erosive gastritis and stomach ulcers solution is replaced with castor oil or a decoction of herbs senna.

After receiving a laxative should go without a pillow with a heater on the area of ​​the liver (right side) for one hour. In the morning with the help of an enema is necessary to carry out the cleaning procedure using rubber Esmarch mug.

Fasting for Ohanian continues from 7 to 10-15 days. While you can only drink:

  • Decoction with honey. Herbal consists of mint, lemon balm, oregano, plantain, mother and stepmother, thyme, yarrow, chamomile, knotweed, horsetail, nettle, sage, motherwort, valerian root and marigold flowers, which are mixed in equal volumes;
  • Fresh juice of the cranberry, lemon, cherry, pomegranate, dogwood or currants.

Admission juice and broths can be alternated. You can also add in the broth for a few teaspoons of fresh sour juice. To cleanse the need to drink every day at least three liters of broth to three glasses of juice. Enema should be repeated every day during fasting.

Fasting may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. If you experience nausea, stomach should be washed, for which drink about a liter of warm boiled water with two teaspoons of baking soda and cause vomiting.

After the end of fasting to start there must be very careful. In the first four days of shows only pureed or soft fresh fruits - tangerines, apples, oranges, watermelons, melons. These days you should drink up to three cups of broth and juices. After that you can add to the diet of fresh vegetables, salads, pureed on a grater.

Methods of starvation Nikolaev

One of the classic methods of fasting is designed Nikolayev system that has a number of features.

Duration techniques starvation Nikolaev averages 20-21 days, with a possible increase of up to 40 days. This feature occurs because the system requires a clinical hospital, where a number of reasons a longer period of fasting is not acceptable.

Ongoing monitoring of doctors and finding like-minded people in an environment not only helps to avoid complications arising during the period of fasting, but also take seriously, to understand and accept treatment.

The entire period of fasting followed by a series of procedures that enhance its therapeutic effect, namely:

  • Daily purgation through enemas;
  • Massage and self-massage;
  • Various water treatment;
  • Physiotherapy.

At all stages of starvation permitted to use broth hips, also important are the daily hours of outdoor exercise.

Methods of starvation Nikolaev allows even at medium terms to achieve positive results in the treatment of several diseases and lose weight 12-18% of the original.

Before treatment, each patient goes through a series of surveys (various tests) and should psychologically tune in to starvation, and then through a personal interview with a doctor, depending on the age and on the basis of the evidence, determined period of fasting. Thereafter, the physical fitness of the body - for a few days at lunch time dose of Epsom salts clean the intestines.

Every morning, the patient, despite the complete lack of food intake, starts with intestinal cleansing enema. This procedure is necessary because, from the moment of the transition of the organism to endogenous nutrition, spontaneous secretion occurs, which leads to the absorption by the body of its own resources and processing them in the stool, such as feces firstborn infants. Following the enema comes while taking a bath, and the patient make the crushing massage, followed by a breakfast, during which the extracts are taken from the hips.

After breakfast - time, a half-hour rest and walks in the fresh rest, during which the patient performs a set of breathing exercises. Then comes lunch, during which the patients are taking the same infusion of rose hips, plain water or a bit of Borjomi. The amount of water consumed per day ranges from 1, 5 to 2 liters, though its amount is not limited.

Methods of starvation Broysu

This methodology was developed by the Austrian physician naturopath Rudolf Broysom to treat a variety of incurable diseases, which include cancer.  Vegetable juices - required ingredients during fasting for Broysu

The period of fasting Broysu lasts 42 days, during which daily used half a liter of carrot, potato, beetroot or celery fresh juice and infusions based on the sage, geranium or kidney tea.

Each morning begins with a decision 125 ml of cold kidney tea, an hour to drink 125 ml of warm infusion of sage, Melissa, St. John's wort, and peppermint. After another 40-60 minutes to drink, well rinsing the mouth, a breath of fresh juice, and after 7 minutes, another sip. During the first half of the day you can drink at will from 10 to 15 sips of juice. At lunchtime, you must re-take 125 ml of cold kidney tea, and in the afternoon small sips allowed a little more juice and a cup of infusion of geranium.

If fasting on juices and infusions carry heavy, according to the method of fasting for Broysu allowed to eat cooked on a particular recipe onion soup, which is to prepare a medium-sized onion with husks must be cut into small pieces and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Ready onion is added to half a liter of cold water with any vegetable broth and boil until all of cooking onions. After cooking the soup is filtered from the bow and is used along with juices and infusions. After 42 days of beginning to emerge from hunger - first semi food without salt, then gradually introduced into the diet of a familiar food.

Fasting Stoleshnikov

The method of fasting Stoleshnikov based on the facts of the Bible, namely, described in the Old Testament, Moses starvation. During the entire period of starvation Stoleshnikov permitted use in any number of well, a mineral or spring water. The duration of this technique fasting patients is determined independently, but should be more than two days, as in the first two days the body uses its own supply of glucose.