Mustard slimming suits lovers of spicy food.  Honey and mustard diet - recipes and the result
 It has long been observed that the spice not only adds flavor and aroma of cooked food, but also is able to reduce the extra weight.

The principle of operation of mustard

Mustard - a relish, mustard powder obtained from the seeds. A set of essential oils provides its characteristic flavor and aroma. People know not only about the culinary peculiarities of application of mustard, but also on its ability to burn excess fat.

Mustard for weight loss can be both consumed internally and externally in the form used mustard wraps.

Small amounts eaten mustard diet can provide "warming" effect, speeds up metabolism, so consumption of calories from fat tissue is made faster. Thus, one teaspoonful of mustard speeds up the metabolism of 20-25%, and in the same percentage of fat burning is accelerated.

Another useful feature mustard, helps to lose weight - improve digestion, stimulate the formation of digestive juices and small laxative effect. Taken together, this allows the food eaten quickly move up the gastrointestinal tract. Mustard also helps cleanse the intestines of toxins.

Honey and mustard diet

The combined use of mustard and honey in the form of wraps provides a tangible result after the first procedure. Exposure to mustard on the skin enhances microcirculation in the place of its application, a sufficient effect said burning sensation and redness.

Mustard helps not only lose weight but also to get rid of cellulite in problem areas. Net mustard is able to cause burns, especially if further committed wrap, which contributes even more intimate contact with the skin. To reduce the aggressive influence, and to improve lymph drainage and increase the local temperature, mustard slimming add honey.

Both products were mixed in a ratio of 1: 1, it is necessary to take fresh honey, yet candied. If, however, it became very thick, you can melt the honey in a water bath at a temperature no higher than 60 degrees - it will keep it a useful part of the same. An important point - mustard powder should be put into the honey right after dissolving it in warm water, the mixture is obtained without lumps, and only then to add to the paste of honey mustard. This is important because it remains within the clumps dry mustard is able to cause burns to the skin.

A mixture of honey and mustard diet is applied only locally on a limited problem areas of the body. Full honey mustard wrap is too high load on the cardiovascular system because of the fact that not expand too much in an ordinary operating condition of the capillaries.

 Use mustard diet - reviews
 The plot is deposited on top of the body is wrapped in a thin mixture with cling film, and on top to warm further wear clothing - leggings, tracksuit or others.

For optimum effect of wrapping their duration should be at least 20-30 minutes, but as soon as burning sensation, wrapping should stop and mustard rinse with water, otherwise the skin may be due to burning. During wrapping, experts recommend not to rest, but on the contrary, do physical exercise. From a course of mustard slimming Review noticeable effect will be, but the number of procedures per course shall not exceed 15, it is better if they do 1-2 days. After wrapping should take a warm shower and lubricate the skin sedative.

It is important to know that during pregnancy and diseases of the heart mustard wraps contraindicated.

A similar effect can be obtained from the baths with mustard diet. They improve circulation, open pores and cleanse the body of toxins. Mustard is able to significantly reduce the weight with sufficient physical activity and a low-calorie diet.