Diet tables

Medical diets  Destination dining diets
 They are very effective methods of treatment, and in some cases, only in many diseases, including diabetes and obesity. Therapeutic food implies a selection of the right products, compliance with the rules of cooking and food intake temperature, frequency and time of its reception.

Numbering dining diets

If the patient has two diseases at once, and both require a canteen diet doctor prescribes a diet that will combine the principles of both diets. For example, the combination of diabetes with peptic ulcer disease doctor will prescribe a diet described below 1, but with the exception of those products that are banned in diabetes. All medical treatment facilities that specialize in diets tables are numbered system to separate diets corresponding diseases that are treated using them, namely:

  • Diet 1 - peptic ulcer 12-ultradisperse colon and stomach;
  • Diet 2 - acute and chronic gastritis, colitis, enteritis and chronic enterocolitis;
  • 3 Diet - constipation;
  • Diet 4 - bowel disease, accompanied by constipation;
  • Diet 5 - diseases of the biliary tract and liver;
  • Diet 6 - urolithiasis and gout;
  • 7 Diet - chronic and acute pyelonephritis, nephritis and glomerulonephritis;
  • Diet 8 - obesity;
  • Diet 9 - diabetes;
  • Diet 10 - diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Diet 11 - tuberculosis;
  • 12 Diet - functional disorders of the central nervous system;
  • Diet 13 - acute infectious diseases;
  • Diet 14 - nephrolithiasis;
  • Diet 15 - diseases that do not require special diets.

Medical Diet 1

This table diets observed from six months to a year, if it is allowed to eat pureed vegetables, dairy and cereals soups and boiled chopped vegetables (in the form of mashed potatoes or steam puddings). Also in this table are allowed pureed diets milk porridge with butter, cooked lean meat and low-fat fish, non-acidic dairy products, steam omelettes and boiled eggs (boiled), crackers and stale white bread, jam, sweet berries and fruits. Drink at this table diets allowed fresh berries, fruit and vegetable juices and fruit drinks, infusion of rose hips and a variety of jelly, tea, cocoa and milk.

Medical Diet 2

Menu for the diets of the table is as follows:

  • Pureed vegetable soups with cereals, based on meat, mushroom or fish broth;
  • Lean meat, boiled chicken, steam or fried patties, lean ham, boiled lean fish and caviar;
  • Scrambled eggs and boiled eggs;
  • Cooked and raw vegetables and fruits;
  • Bread stale white and gray;
  • Pureed porridge;
  • Tea, coffee and cocoa;
  • Flour dishes (except baking);
  • Milk, butter, cream, yogurt, non-acidic cream, yogurt, cottage cheese and sour mild cheese;
  • Fruit and vegetable juices;
  • Marmalade and sugar.

Medical Diet 3

Menu for the diets of the table is as follows:

  • Raw or cooked vegetables and fruits;
  • Vegetable and fruit juices;
  • Vegetable purees;
  • black bread;
  • Berries;
  • dairy products;
  • Honey;
  • Compotes;
  • Buckwheat porridge and barley;
  • Meat and fish;
  • Carbonated mineral water.

Exceptions to this table diets are strong tea, cocoa, jelly and mucous soups.

Medical Diet 4

Menu of the medical diet is as follows:

  • Strong tea, cocoa and strong coffee;
  • Freshly grated cheese;
  • One boiled egg a day;
  • Mucous soups on water;
  • A decoction of dried black currants and blueberries;
  • Stale white crackers;
  • Low-fat yogurt three;
  • Mashed rice semolina and water;
  • Boiled meat and fish;
  • Steam cutlets in chopped form with the addition of rice instead of bread in the stuffing;
  • Jelly and jelly blueberries.

Medical Diet 5

Menu of the medical diet is as follows:

  • Vegetarian, fruit and milk, cereals soups vegetable broth;
  • Milk, yogurt, fresh yogurt, cottage cheese and 200 grams per day, and acidophilus milk;
  • Boiled meat, poultry and lean fish;
  • Ripe fruit and berries raw, baked and cooked;
  • Cereals and flour dishes;
  • Vegetables and greens;
  • Vegetable and fruit juices;
  • Honey;
  • One egg a day;
  • 70 grams of sugar per day;
  • Jam;
  • tea with milk.

Medical Diet 6

part  Numbering diets tables
 menu of this diet table includes:

  • dairy;
  • Fruit and berry juices;
  • Honey;
  • Vegetable soups;
  • Dairy and fruit cereals;
  • Jam;
  • Sugar;
  • Carrots and cucumbers;
  • Lettuce;
  • Bread, white and black;
  • Sweet fruits;
  • Lemon, vinegar and bay leaf;
  • Eggs;
  • Lean meat and fish.

Medical Diet 7

The composition of the diets table menu includes:

  • Vegetable soups;
  • Cereals and pasta;
  • Lean meat, poultry and fish;
  • Puddings;
  • dairy products;
  • One egg a day;
  • Fats;
  • Raw and boiled vegetables;
  • Greenery;
  • Bread, white, gray and bran;
  • Berries and fruits;
  • Sugar, honey and jam.

Medical Diet 8

The main objective of this table is to reduce diet intake of carbohydrates and fats, the recommended diet includes the following products and dishes:

  • 100-150 g of rye, wheat and protein-protein-bran bread;
  • dairy products;
  • Vegetable soups, hash, cabbage, beetroot soup and borscht;
  • Lean meats, poultry and fish;
  • Seafood;
  • vegetables and fruits.

Exceptions for this dining diet are products made from wheat flour and biscuit dough, potatoes, cheese, beans, pasta, fatty meats, cream, sausages, smoked meats, canned goods, fat cottage cheese, rice, semolina and oatmeal, sweet berries, sweets, honey, juice, cocoa fat and savory snacks, sauces, mayonnaise, herbs and spices.

Medical Diet 9

The composition of the diets table menu includes:

  • Bread;
  • Lean meat, poultry and fish;
  • Vegetable soups;
  • Milk products;
  • Cereals;
  • Beans;
  • Vegetables, berries and fruit.

Banned broth, pastry, sausage, salted fish, pasta, sweets, cooking oils and grapes.

Medical Diet 10

When the table 10 used diet any foods and dishes, in addition to fresh bread, pastry, beans, fatty meat and fish, kidney, smoked meats, sausages, marinated and pickled vegetables, chocolate, strong tea, coffee and cocoa.

Medical Diet 11

At this table used diets any products and dishes but fatty meats and poultry, sweets and confectionery fats.

Medical Diet 12

With this diet are allowed to use the table all products except sausages, hot spices, fried, alcohol, coffee and nourishing soups.

Medical Diet 13

When the diet is allowed to use 13 white bread, lean meat and fish, dairy products, cereals, vegetables, fruits and berries, soups, jam, sugar and honey.

Forbidden foods diet are 13 fresh bread and pastries, fatty soups, meat and fish, meats, canned food, cheese, cream, pasta and wheat, chocolate, cakes and cocoa.

Medical Diet 14

At this table diets banned vegetables, salted fish, fruit and dairy soups, dairy products, meats, potatoes, cooking oils and fruit and berry juices.

Medical Diet 15

At 15 used diet any foods and dishes. Forbidden foods in the diet 15 are pepper, mustard, fatty meats and poultry.

At full recovery and return the patient to normal life the general principles of health and diet must be followed further, especially with respect to the elimination of illicit dining diet products, and limit or eliminate alcohol.