Diet Zhukov

Diet Dr. Zhukov - a new method of weight loss developed by Dr. Zhukov, which is based on the principles of effective weight loss. Diet Dr. Zhukova is chargeable complex, which describes the secrets and tips for the best results, and on the official website that represents this technique, there are many articles on how to lose weight without harm to health and the risk of the return of the lost weight.

 Diet Dr. Zhukova helps to effectively lose weight
 Reviews about the diet Zhukova not much comments dieticians with respect to this set of nowhere, so it's hard to understand whether this method is quite so effective, as there is no write. Reviews of the diet Zhukov very contradictory. Some write that the method of stunning, the weight goes away quickly and do not come back, others write that wasted money and no positive effect on compliance with the principles of the complex was observed.

Also, diet reviews Zhukov very similar diet of French nutritionist Duke, with the only difference being that the books about Dukan Diet absolutely free to find in electronic form, the principles of the diet are clearly set out and do not require any additional acquisitions, and the author of the diet is a well-known doctor- dietician, while about Dr. Zhukov no reliable information is not available anywhere else.

Basic principles and rules of diet Zhukov

On the pages of the purchased or downloaded for free on the Internet handbook diet dietary Zhukov buyer can get acquainted with the 7 habits, which will help quickly and effectively lose weight, as follows:

  • During the meal should eat anything raw;
  • Use the principle of the pyramid (a hearty breakfast, full lunch, skimpy dinner);
  • How can I move more;
  • Eat in small quantities and often;
  • Remember the principle of holidays;
  • Consider calorie of food consumed;
  • Prepare and implement plans drawn up.

Compliance with these rules, in my opinion, will help to restrain the weight at the appropriate level, in addition to a balanced diet Zhukov author advises to use aromatherapy in the fight against cellulite, relax in the bath or sauna, move more, avoid stress, care for face and body, possible to pamper and please yourself.

Also, according to Dr. Zhukova, skipping breakfast and lunch to stay hungry, you can fool the body and burn some calories, resulting in rapid weight loss, but such maneuvers is better not to use, because you can lose weight and not hungry, and eating quality food.

The last meal, according to the majority, should end at 6 pm and 6 am you can not eat any food, but Dr. Zhukov believes that if you deprive the body fat possibility to postpone the evening, he will do it in the daytime.

 Diet Dr. Zhukova strictly observed and given calorie intake
 Also, Dr. Zhukov did not agree with the opinion that it is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet of the "wrong" foods, considering that around just need to know when to stop. The author's opinion the complex also disagree with most dieticians against fat. Zhukov argues that low-fat food is not very useful for the organism and fats fats discord and completely excluded from the diet of vegetable oils and animal fats in any case impossible.

After getting acquainted with the principles of good habits and diet author Zhukov describes the basic error of losing weight and how to avoid them, and then moves on to practical advice on how to change your life, to become slim and never fat. The main factor in achieving this, in my opinion, is the correct approach to nutrition. Diet Zhukov gives quick results, but those who will follow all the rules and listen to all the advice and hard for a long time is required to be a success.