Diet yogurts

Due to the yogurt diet you can lose weight by 4-5 kg ​​per week. At the same time, on the yogurt diet is balanced, and its compliance will not harm health.  Features of diet yogurt

Author yoghurt diet - doctor Zeyk that in the 1930s helped the elite Swiss sanatorium patients get rid of the extra kilos with the help of this diet. The duration of the diet yogurt - ten days.

Use yogurt

Besides the fact that yogurt promotes weight loss, it also has beneficial effects on the health of the whole body and overall health. It has the following useful properties:

• It helps the body fight off fungal infections;

• Improves the immune system;

• Enriches the body protein;

• It contains a lot of calcium, which strengthens bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis;

• Contains important minerals for the human body and a vitamins phosphorus, iodine, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), tryptophan, vitamin B12, molybdenum, potassium, vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), and zinc;

• Has anti-inflammatory properties;

• Reduces the symptoms of skin diseases;

• Helps to struggle with eating disorders;

• Enriches the stomach and intestines beneficial bacteria, which are able to displace the "bad" bacteria;

• removes toxins;

• Is prevention of heart and vascular disease, stroke, diabetes and some forms of cancer;

• Is prevention of dysbiosis in the use of antibiotics.

Diet yogurt

Diet yoghurt diet for each day:  Diet diet yogurt

• For four or five meals should eat five hundred grams of yogurt;

• Eat four grams of fresh fruit (make them fill salads salads and yogurt). Do not eat sweet fruit: pears, grapes, melons and watermelons. Best of all - citrus fruits and apples;

• Drink mineral and drinking water, green or black tea. The liquid volume at day - not less than 1, 5 liters;

• For lunch or dinner, in addition to the yogurt must be eaten one hundred grams of lean meat, and salad made of tomatoes, cucumbers and fresh herbs;

• Between the meal is advisable to drink small amounts of fresh juices: pomegranate, unclarified apple, grapefruit, orange. Before use juice diluted with boiled cooled water in the ratio 1: 2. If you want to buy juice at the store, make sure that they are part of the dye and preservatives.

Sample menu diet yogurt one day:

Breakfast: warm unsweetened tea (half a cup) of yogurt with pieces of fruit (dried fruit) or berries, diluted pomegranate juice (half a cup).

Lunch: warm tea (half a cup) yogurt soup with cucumber and chopped herbs, olive oil, boiled meat (one hundred grams), salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and lemon juice, diluted pomegranate juice (half a cup).

Afternoon snack: yogurt with fruit or vegetables (add chopped vegetables into yogurt and mustard), mineral water.

Dinner (not later than 3, 5-4 hours before bedtime): warm tea (half a cup) of yogurt with stewed vegetables, diluted pomegranate juice.

Follow a diet yogurt can be for two weeks, then be sure to take a break for at least two to three months.

Diet yogurt is contraindicated in people with allergies to basic foods in the diet - yogurt and citrus, as well as having a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract.

Reviews of diet yogurt

According to reviews, yoghurt diet is one of the most delicious. The results are really stunning, and adhere to the recommendations is not difficult, as there is a constant feeling of hunger.