Diet tomatoes

Diet tomatoes is accessible and useful power system aimed at weight loss, cleansing the blood and removing toxins from the body.

Features tomato diet for weight loss

 Diet tomatoes can help to lose weight and cleanse the blood
 A diet based on tomatoes and tomato on food dishes of them, which are low-calorie high useful properties. In tomatoes contain many vitamins, ascorbic acid, minerals and trace elements. Regular consumption of tomato juice helps to strengthen immunity, enhance the protective functions of the body, normalize the metabolism and cleanse the body of toxins.

A lot of positive feedback received on tomatoes diet because tomato juice helps protect the body from harmful environmental influences.

Diet tomatoes aimed at regulating the metabolism and elimination of excess lipid deposits. Eating daily tomato, apple, lemon and sorrel juice can significantly reduce weight, eliminate the deficiency of vitamins in the body and improve physical condition.

Advantages and disadvantages of diet on tomatoes

Good reviews on tomatoes diet has both the power supply system, aimed not only losing weight, but also to strengthen the various systems of the human body. The main advantages of tomato diet for weight loss may include:

  • rapid weight loss without harm to the body;
  • the improvement of the cardiovascular and digestive systems;
  • the elimination of the deficit in the body of vitamins B and C, carotene;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • prevention of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease and pancreatitis.

At observance of the diets must be consumed daily about1, 5 kg of tomatoes. Lose weight on tomatoes can be fast enough, because they are low-calorie vegetables. 100 g of tomato contains 23 calories, and 100 ml of tomato juice -18 calories. These vegetables can be in unlimited quantities included in the diet.

Also, be aware that the use of tomatoes is contraindicated during intoxication and severe diseases of the digestive system.

During the tomato diet in the body reduces the amount of fluid so as to avoid rapid weight gain after a diet, you need to gradually shift to the consumption of foods with salt.

Positive feedback Tomato diet is as a dietary menu, which is suitable for vegetarians and athletes.

During the diet tomatoes are best eaten fresh without heat treatment, in which the lost beneficial acid. You can use tomato juice with potatoes and other vegetables, but do not mix the tomatoes with other foods such as meat, eggs and cheese. The combination of these products may cause indigestion.

Tomato juice is well absorbed with olive oil, nuts, low-fat cheeses and garlic. The tomato juice should not add salt and other spices, but you can add the fresh herbs.

Types of tomato diet

Positive feedback Tomato diet gained power as a system that has several types, which are selected according to the condition and the presence of overweight patients. Nutritionists distinguish long and short tomato diet.

Short on tomatoes diet is fasting diet to be followed for 2-3 days. This diet aimed at weight loss of 2-3 kg.

In order to lose weight by tomatoes on a short diet, you should consume each day (for 3 days) 1, 5 kg of vegetables. Food intake is divided into four times, and completely removed from the diet, sugar, salt and various spices.

Long Tomato diet is carried out for 14-15 days, and for its period can get rid of 3-5 kg. Diet dieting long on tomatoes can be divided as follows:

  • breakfast - a glass of tomato juice, two slices of rye bread and banana;
  • Dinner - 100 grams of boiled rice, a small piece of boiled fish, a glass of tomato juice and apple;
  • Dinner - 50 grams of rice, vegetable cutlet, fresh tomatoes and tomato juice.

The most useful is the freshly squeezed tomato juice, which has a restorative and tonic effect. For tomato diet should drink plenty of fluids and not just tomato juice and non-carbonated mineral water.

 Diet tomatoes lasts 14-15 days
 When a diet to tomatoes need to constantly keep your body in good shape to perform aerobic exercise and walk in the fresh air.

In addition to the short and long diet on tomatoes, there is a special diet of a permanent nature (lasts for a few months). It is aimed at weight reduction system, and its main ingredient is tomato, which should be consumed on a daily basis in the fresh and stewed, as well as 5-7 times a day to drink tomato juice. During this diet are allowed to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, boiled chicken, fish and low-fat dairy products.

The key to maintaining the proper weight after the diet is light aerobic exercise, swimming and massage.