Diet Svetlana Permyakova

Diet Svetlana Permyakova still remains a mystery to many fans of the actress. For 3 months the woman managed to get rid of the 16 extra kilos. Currently, Svetlana participated in several projects, leading an active social life and is almost always in full view of spectators. What is the secret of harmony actress?  Features diet diet Svetlana Permyakova

Diet Svetlana Permyakova: important changes in the life of the actress

Recently Svetlana Permiakov ceased to learn. All the fault was a radical transformation of the actress. Known throughout his curvaceous, Svetlana lost 16 kg over a relatively short period. What contributed to this metamorphosis actress?

Svetlana has always been a supporter of great food and culinary ardent opponent of restrictions, and given her time on the set, it is hardly worth talking about following a healthy diet, leading healthy lifestyles and sports. In 2011, at the height 165 cm weight 94 kg reached the actress that has not invested in the understanding of the "magnificent beauty". However, the extra weight of the actress had no effect on her career and personal life. Svetlana has received offers to participate in new projects, continued shooting in one of the most popular Russian comedy series. In 2011, Svetlana first attempt to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. The actress decided to lose weight, choosing the only correct tactics. In this overweight Svetlana opted integrated approach:

  • Changes in diet and nutrition;
  • Regular physical activity;
  • Beauty treatments and massage techniques to maintain skin tone.

The result of this method of weight loss actress was 16 kg in 3 months. The very same method of weight loss diet called Svetlana Permyakova.

It should be noted that the weight loss of 16 kg in 3 months is not considered normal rate of weight loss from a medical point of view. Therefore, choosing a diet Svetlana Permyakova, it is first necessary to assess the input parameters to weight loss: a BMI (body mass index), general health, the causes of excess weight.

Svetlana Permyakova diet - it is completely changing attitudes to food regime and lifestyle in general. Svetlana during a diet adhered to a fractional power. For maximum effect, the actress arrange fasting days, using natural products for cleansing the body (dairy products low in fat).

According to the actress, teas, herbs and other drugs for weight loss do not give the same effect as the observance of a strict diet and regular exercise.

Skin tone - one of the problems faced by the actress during a diet. To maintain it Svetlana Permyakova used massages and body wraps.

Diet Svetlana Permyakova: menus and diet

Diet Svetlana Permyakova today is one of the most debated topics among fans of the actress, and those who are trying to figure out how to lose weight quickly without returning the weight. Svetlana Permyakova effective diet has been proven actress twice before pregnancy and during the recovery period after the birth of his daughter figure.

Diet Svetlana Permyakova menu which offers a very limited diet products, lets not go hungry. The basis of the diet of the actress include:

  • Vegetables and fruits - mainly grapefruit and green apples. Vegetables without heat treatment (except potatoes);
  • Low-fat meats - beef, poultry without the skin;
  • Boiled fish;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • Groats (buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal);
  • Dairy products with low fat content.

According to the actress, the menu diet is balanced enough to ensure that the body receives all the necessary nutrients. While weight loss is not noted Svetlana discomfort typical of strict diets: dizziness, headache, nausea.

Diet Svetlana Permyakova menu which eliminates all harmful products, enables the body to adjust to a new, healthy diet.

Diet Svetlana Permyakova - a different perspective on food in general:

  • Frequent meals allow to cope with hunger;
  • Small portions of the body are trained suck less food;
  • Disclaimer snacking creates healthy habits in nutrition.

Diet offers a healthy alternative to "harmful" delicacies:  Vegetables and fruits - the basis of the diet menu Svetlana Permyakova

  • The sweet - honey, dark chocolate;
  • Snacks - nuts, dried fruit instead of chocolate bars, buns;
  • Packaged juice - fresh juices, green tea.

According to Svetlana, at first it was difficult to abandon the usual sweet tea with jam, biscuits and sweets. However, after the first week of a limited supply of its health greatly improved, and the desire to snack in-between meals did not arise.

The peculiarity and the main advantage is its variability in the diet. Everyone who wants to try a diet Svetlana Permyakova can determine for yourself the length of its observance, on which will depend on the final outcome. Sticking to a diet can be quite long. Its menu offers a balanced diet, which can harm the body.

If, however, a diet appear dizziness, gastrointestinal dysfunction, mental disorders (depression, irritability, apathy), and other symptoms, it is necessary to stop the diet and consult a doctor.

Diet Svetlana Permyakova: reviews of the effectiveness of the method

Diet Svetlana Permyakova become a real incentive for many who want to lose weight. After the actress shared the secret of his slimness, her diet tried many fans. Why diet Svetlana Permyakova, reviews of which are different, ineffective?

First of all it should be noted that the weight loss method actress hardly a diet. This integrated approach to lifestyle changes: elimination of junk food, unnecessary snacking, eating at night, the use of massage practices, and other cosmetic procedures to maintain the tone of the body and soul, an active lifestyle and regular exercise. Svetlana Permyakova diet - it is not only limit the spectrum of used products, but also a significant decrease in the number of portions and food consumption as a whole.

Diet Svetlana Permyakova, reviews of which talk about its effectiveness, can not bring results. After all, its main principle - a significant change in the average diet. The diet excludes all harmful products: bread and sweets (fast carbs), fried, greasy.

Also, when determining the effectiveness of the diet of the actress should be noted that in addition to the correct, balanced diet, exercise and beauty treatments, slimming, actress leads an active life. Participation in the project is not replaced by a rest home, after all, little daughter, Svetlana, demanding her attention. Such an active lifestyle also contributes to a significant reduction in weight.

Analyzing the diet of the actress, one can conclude that an active lifestyle and good nutrition - a pledge of a beautiful figure.