Diet Sergey Agapkina

 Diet Sergey Agapkina - Secure supply
 Sergei is a popular television presenter Agapkin that promote a healthy lifestyle. His program is dedicated to the preservation of health, prevention of various diseases, combat chronic stress. One of the topics addressed in ether and publications Sergey Agapkin - is slimming. The problem of excess weight is acute in front of almost a third of Russians. It's no secret that obesity provokes a lot of diseases - heart attacks, strokes, diseases of the joints, diabetes, infertility, and others. Of course, today the figure is too full yet, and a large cosmetic defect. In the mass consciousness attractiveness is associated with harmony, activity, athletic. So many are trying to lose weight, while not always adhering to medical advice. Developed Sergei Agapkin diet has become one of the safest food systems for slimming.

Diet Sergey Agapkina

Sergei Agapkina Diet is a proven method of weight loss that is available to the majority of our fellow citizens .  The principles of this power supply system is actively promoting the author, including through the Internet .  Diet Sergey Agapkina based on scientific understanding of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles .  TV presenter himself has repeatedly said that the diet in the popular understanding does more harm than good .  This means that a week of severe restrictions deplete vitamins and minerals, worsen working capacity and mood, and the loss of several kilograms will be short-lived and futile .  Losing weight should bring a person's health and beauty, but not the disease and loss of vitality .  Many diets are stressful for the body, primarily affects the skin, hair and nails, reduces the amount of muscle tissue .  Of course, it's too high a price for a couple of kilos .  After all, these changes do not give the appeal, but rather, on the contrary .  So diet Sergei Agapkina - these are the principles of proper nutrition, collected in a single technique .  It is assumed that a person who wants to lose weight is to stick to the system permanently, not days or weeks .  In addition to the methodology include diet and physical activity recommendations .

Principles of diet Sergei Agapkina

The secret diet Sergei Agapkina - a return to normal diet for anyone that fully meets the needs of the organism .  So, it is advisable to arrange meals at about the same time .  Be sure to have 4-5 times a day, do not overeat .  His usual dose habitual food gradually decreases to half .  When a person at a time consumes large amounts of food, he sets it on his stomach such volumes and can not get enough of the usual portion .  Therefore, it is important that the food was a fraction .  It is better to have a little, but most .  Of course, not all products should eat less .  In the first place restrictions apply starchy foods, sweet, fatty .  The menu should be proteins, fats, carbohydrates in a balanced amount .  This means that 50-60% of calories should fall on carbohydrate foods (bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes, pastries) .  Naturally, sugar products and it must be present in a minimum volume of .  Better not to add sugar to drinks, to give up the sweet .  Sometimes diet Sergei Agapkina can treat yourself to dried fruit, honey .  Marshmallows, candy, marmalade contain less calories than other sweets .

Protein in the diet should be varied: animals and vegetable. We need to use less fatty meats, fish, game. Dairy products are good, but their fat content is restricted to a minimum, if you want to lose weight.

Diet Sergey Agapkina excludes the use of products from fast food restaurants (fast food). Also, do not eat canned food, smoked, fried foods. Salt should be used only in a purely symbolic quantities. Particular attention is paid presenter liquid. In his opinion, it is necessary to limit the consumption of green tea, refuse canned juice and carbonated beverages. But clean drinking water should always be on the table. Total water you need to drink at least 1, 5 liters per day. In his diet Sergei Agapkin stresses the importance of vitamins, minerals, fiber. You must use apples, carrots, black currants. If you suffer from a severe famine, especially in the diet is necessary to add wheat bran. Lots of fiber, vitamins, trace elements contain vegetables. Menu diet Sergei Agapkina provides daily use of a variety of vegetable dishes.

Sergei Agapkin has a medical degree, so suspicious of the use of dietary supplements for weight loss. Often, they do not generate the proper result and have side effects. Many of these products contain in their composition of laxatives and diuretics. Their uncontrolled use can harm health and the effect on the weight of the body is very short.

Sergei Agapkin considers necessary for patients with obesity and related diseases consult a nutritionist and therapist, as well as an endocrinologist. Only together with the specialist can choose an individual diet for weight loss. You should not believe the advertising on the Internet, promising to send you personalized diet Sergei Agapkina after filling out forms and pay by SMS. Particular suspicion of causing promises weight loss of 20 kilograms or more for 1 month without any significant restrictions on food. Sergei Agapkin recommends that you seek professional help and get information about diet in person.  Sample menu diet Sergei Agapkina

Sample menu diet Sergei Agapkina

Breakfast. Fresh vegetables, wheat bran, two eggs, tea,

Lunch. Apple, 0-5% fat cottage cheese 100 grams.

Lunch. Boiled vegetables (excluding potatoes), fish, cooked without the addition of fat, bran, tea.

Snack. Kefir 0-1% fat, black currant and other berries (fruit).

Dinner. Fresh vegetables, meat, boiled or roasted lean 100-150 gram, wheat bran.

During the day, you can use 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 3 grams of salt. Alcohol is contraindicated.

Reviews of the diet Sergei Agapkina

Reviews of these recommendations Sergei Agapkina mostly positive. And nutritionists and patients underscore the character of a health diet. Also attractive are considered low cost and ease of cooking. The effect of diet Sergei Agapkina you can feel after a few days in the form of improved health. Excess weight will go away gradually. 1 month diet is quite possible to lose 4-5 kilograms. By following all the recommendations you can gradually achieve the ideal weight and keep it for a long time without harm to health. In a review of the diet Sergei Agapkina marked and some of the negative features of this power supply system. For example, a ban on certain types of products, a decrease of servings, be sure to regularly meals, doing a diet uncomfortable for a number of patients.