Diet Plisetskaya

 Diet Plisetskaya designed for 14 days
 Almost each of our compatriot knows quite categorical, but extremely precise statement of the great Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya about maintaining excellent physical shape, "Do not eat! ".

Principles of diet Maya Plisetskaya

Indeed, moderation in eating pledge optimal body weight, and, consequently, human health. The fight against harmful habits of taste is an integral part of work on oneself on the path to success. Insistence actress ballet to his own form has been reflected in the diet Plisetskaya. At the same time, those who have the will power as well as stick to it like the menu for two weeks, note that in this period manages to get rid of 8-10 kg.

For diet Plisetskaya designed for fourteen days, exclude from the diet of chocolate and coffee, any spices, all dairy products and eggs and meat. Not allowed to eat tomatoes and potatoes. In order to provide the body with protein occasionally allowed to fish. The diet consists mainly of lentils, oats, barley, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Particularly recommended broccoli.  Oatmeal on the water - breakfast diet Maya Plisetskaya

Sample menu diet Plisetskaya

To help all who wish to give an example of a diet can be a ballerina, she always maintained. In general, it can be self-guided lists of permitted and prohibited foods. So, for breakfast is better to prepare porridge on the water, at lunch eat salad and soup, and for dinner - boiled fish with rice and fresh vegetables. In between meals, you can arrange a snack of fresh fruit.

An important condition for a diet Plisetskaya is the fact that after its completion should not overload your body with high-calorie foods and meals with a high glycemic index. In this case, more than offset its lost during dieting weight.

Also do not forget about the mandatory presence of physical activities, as well as the fact that repeated diet Plisetskaya should be no more than once every two months. Before you begin a diet ballerina is imperative to consult your physician.