Diet Moerman

Cancer, unfortunately, around the world tend to rise. Therefore, the solution to this problem is very  Features Moerman diet
 important for everyone. The international community is constantly engaged in this issue and is actively working in this direction. The evidence are the development of various methods of prevention and treatment of cancer. In practice as medical methods and unconventional ways. One of them is the Moerman diet.

Dr. Moerman, and the power supply system

Currently, one of the most popular, and most importantly efficient power systems is considered to be anti-cancer diet Moerman.

Dr. Moerman, worked and lived in the Netherlands. Throughout his long life - and he lived 96 years, he fought for the lives of people with cancer. Hundreds of people have been rescued them. Having examined the methods used Moerman revealed that of 150 patients with cancer pathology, held his treatment, 115 were cured completely.

Diet Dr. Moerman was not recognized initially members of the medical community and even criticized. They thought that the method of prevention and treatment of cancer is too simple and primitive. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers that all genius is simple.

Moerman persistently engaged in the business, healing even the most hopeless patients who have refused to be treated by doctors. And in the end he managed to get well-deserved recognition of society. In 1987, the Dutch Ministry of Health anti-cancer diet Moerman was officially recognized and validated as a method of prevention and treatment of cancer. Famous scientist, twice winner of the Nobel Prize L. Polling also actively supported Moerman diet as one of the unique methods of treating cancer.

The essence of the diet doctor Moerman

What is this method and it gives the human body? Dr. Moerman diet is primarily aimed at strengthening the immune system of the human body and improve the metabolism. And this is possible with regular eating natural foods in large enough quantities:

  • Cereals;
  • Natural juices;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fruit;
  • A variety of vitamin and mineral supplements.

When balanced acidic environment in the body of the cancer cells are unable to reproduce. Therefore, they are encapsulated and completely destroyed. A healthy cells receive sufficient nutrients, resulting in not degenerating into malignant.

The principle of constructing the menu

Menu for patients with cancer who hold anti-cancer diet Moerman is approximately as follows:

  • The first breakfast includes freshly squeezed juice of one or two oranges and one lemon. Sandwich with butter and cheese. The bread must be wholemeal. The second option may consist of breakfast oatmeal with fruit, plus green tea. Porridge should be prepared to skim milk.
  • Lunch consists of a beet-apple juice and various fruits.
  • For dinner served skim milk with whipped egg yolks (1-2), buttermilk and 1 cup grapefruit juice, crackers wholemeal.
  • Dinner consists of soup, cooked whole peas, bread from wheat flour, fruits, vegetables, buttermilk and bioyoghurts containing only lactic acid.
  • Late dinner can serve buttermilk with lemon juice, and at night drunk warm skim milk.

Using Moerman diet, it should be noted that there are foods that are recommended for use in food, and there are those on which you want to refuse.

Dr. Moerman Diet: Tips

Adhering  Diet Moerman diet
 Moerman anticancer diet should be used in large quantities in food products are as follows:

  • Vegetables. They need to be consumed raw or steamed. These include: potatoes, cabbage (fermented also used), parsley, cayenne green peas and so on.
  • Any fruit.
  • Fresh vegetables and natural fruit juices: beet, carrot, lemon, apple, orange and others.
  • The grains are wheat, barley and oat bran, wheat and corn flakes, brown rice, pasta and bread from wheat flour.
  • Dairy and dairy products: cheese, cream cheese, low-fat varieties, yogurt, sour milk, yoghurt, whey, nonfat sour cream, cottage cheese.
  • Olive oil cold pressed.
  • Herbal teas.
  • Med.
  • sea ​​salt.
  • Egg yolks.

Products that are not recommended to use during diet Moerman:

  • Legumes.
  • Of fruit: sweet grapes, figs and dates
  • From grain white bread and all products made from finely ground wheat flour.
  • Meat and various animal fats and chicken broth and meat.
  • Mushrooms and broth of them.
  • The fish and shellfish.
  • Refined sugar.
  • From dairy products: margarine, whole milk, fatty cheeses.
  • Egg whites.
  • Refined vegetable oil.
  • Do not use various colorants and preservatives.
  • Salt.
  • Alcohol, strong tea and coffee.

Patients who follow a diet Moerman, you must absolutely stop smoking.

Vitamins and nutritional supplements in the diet Moerman

In Dr. Moerman diet supplements play an important role in the treatment of cancer. They provide the body needs vitamins and minerals to complete the work of the whole organism. The recommended doses of vitamins:

Vitamin A - 50,000 IU in the morning;

Vitamin C 5 times a day, 250 mg;

Vitamin E 5 times a day for 80 IU;

B vitamins: B1, B2 and PP 50-100 mg; B6 - from 20 to 50 mg; B9 plus biotin 5 mg; B 12 -20 g.


Citric acid is dissolved in 10-15g 300g of boiled water and drink 1 tbsp 3 times a day;

Powder 500mg of purified sulfur mix with the oil and use in the morning and evening;

Alcohol 3% iodine solution 1-3 drops mixed with 300 g of water and drink 1 tbsp 3 times a day.

Diet Dr. Moerman, includes five meals. Portions thus should be minor.

In the Netherlands, operating name Moerman Association. She has more than 10 thousand. Members. And she Moerman diet has proven itself in a wide range of patients worldwide.