Diet Maya Plisetskaya

 Diet Maya Plisetskaya exclude meat products
 Maya Plisetskaya has always been considered a model of femininity, beauty and grace. Grace and beauty of a ballerina's impossible not to admire. In its 86 years, Maya Plisetskaya is in excellent physical condition. Maintain excellent physical shape helps her moderation in all things, and above all, food. Maya Plisetskaya herself in many interviews advises overweight people to move more and eat less. Ballerina completely eliminated from your diet fatty and sugary foods.

The basic principles of the diet of Maya Plisetskaya

Daily diet plan ballerina finds success. During the diet of Maya Plisetskaya in no case can not eat meat and dairy products, potatoes, tomatoes, chocolate, spices and eggs. Forbidden sweets and coffee. You can drink only herbal or green tea without sugar. In the menu you can safely include barley, lentils, oats, savory vegetables (especially cabbage and broccoli) and fruits (except grapes and bananas). Occasionally (no more than once every three days) can be added to the menu white meat poultry and lean fish. Ballerina advises twice a day to eat light soups (to establish the metabolic processes and improve digestion).

Diet Maya Plisetskaya is designed for two weeks. Then you need to take a break for two months, and again to repeat it. In some reviews about the diet of Maya Plisetskaya says that in strict compliance with all rules of fifteen days, you can lose seven to ten kilograms. Diet is best combined with physical exertion. Regular morning exercises will be enough, most importantly do not be lazy to devote to the gym at least ten to twenty minutes a day.

Approximate diet menu Maya Plisetskaya

In drawing up the menu, it is important to exclude illegal products, and to further adhere to the above principles of nutrition.  Oatmeal on the water - breakfast diet Maya Plisetskaya

For breakfast, according to the diet of Maya Plisetskaya, it is desirable to cook porridge on the water (without oil), eat a pear or an apple and drink a juice or herbal tea. For lunch you can make soup with vegetable broth and cook fresh vegetable salad. For dinner you can eat a vegetable stew or boiled rice, a small piece of boiled fish and vegetable salad with a little olive oil. Satisfy hunger between meals will help fresh vegetables or fruit.

Portions Serve, must be very small. After making sure the food must remain slight feeling of hunger. Throughout the day you can afford five or six meals, two of which - light snacks (serving of salad or one or two of fruit or vegetable fruits). Such a diet is quite provides the human body with the necessary energy and give the necessary strength for the whole day. During the diet should not forget to use about three to four liters of fluid during the day.

Results diet Maya Plisetskaya

In a review of the diet of Maya Plisetskaya says that if strictly follow all the principles and rules, you can achieve amazing success. When receiving the expected result is very important in the future intelligently plan your daily diet, a healthy lifestyle and not be lazy on regular exercise.