Diet ladder

Diet for losing excess  Features diet ladder
   weight now offered myriad, but the diet is ideal ladder goes to people who do not want to spend a grueling hunger strike. In the opinion of diet ladder is convenient because people prepare foods in advance for diet for five days and psychologically ready for a particular diet.

Methods ladder diet for weight loss

The methodology of the ladder for superpohudeniya diet is very simple and consists of five stages. Every day diet - this is a new stage, performing their individual functions. The program is divided into five parts, not only for the rapid loss of excess weight, but also helps psychologically to move toward what was intended result: a new day - a new level - a new result. In order to increase their own motivation, be on a piece of paper to represent a ladder where each rung is marked by the result of the work done:

I. The cleaning stage;
  II. Healing stage;
  III. The energy level;
  IV. Construction stage;
  V. Burn step.

The first day of the diet ladder - "cleaning"

The menu includes mineral water and 1 kg of apples and all sorts of conventional activated carbon.

This day is very important: you need to love to clean your body of accumulated over a long period of toxins and also prepare him to continue the diet. This step ladder diets, reviews, not only helps clean the intestines, but also speed up the metabolism.

Activated charcoal absorbs toxins, hardened stool and toxins, and is part of the apple pectin will strengthen the activated carbon will increase the level of metabolism and reduce appetite. Mineral water during the day will not only contribute to the excretion of toxins, but will provide a sufficient number of cells are all the necessary moisture and minerals.

The results of the diet in the first day of the ladder - the cleansing of the digestive tract, the preparation for the next stage of diet and getting rid of 1 to 2 kilograms.

The second day of the diet ladder - "recovery"

The menu includes 1 liter of yogurt, cottage cheese and 600 g of mineral water without gas.

Following the treatment, you must restore the intestinal microflora, increase the number of beneficial bifidobacteria in the colon. The best remedy for this is dairy products. They are not only a source of useful for the human bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, but also normalize the absorption of the villi of the intestinal wall.

After the pre-treatment of the intestine, all lactic acid bacteria will be working quite actively. Results ladder diet show that the second stage is also therapeutic. Yogurt and cottage cheese, which have a probiotic effect, can eliminate various intestinal infections, restore microflora.

Diet superpohudeniya ladder to allow for a second day to lose about two kilograms of excess weight. This is due to the small number of calories in cheese and yogurt. As in the first day of the diet, the body actively uses its fat reserves.

The third day - "energy"

Menu: honey 2 tbsp. spoons; 300g raisins; mineral water without gas.

The main goal of the third stage of the diet is to fill the energy ladder, lost by the body during the previous two days. With this task perfectly cope products with large amounts of glucose. Interestingly, the weight loss diet ladder that day is slowing. But do not worry. Just glycogen stores for two days has been exhausted, and without it the disintegration of fat cells is not possible. Therefore, at this stage, the products are introduced, containing useful sugar. The body is not to be in a stressful situation, as it happens with other diets. Glucose does not increase the fat layer and support strength for the day.

Review  The principle diet ladder
 Diet ladder for the third day lets not lose more than 1, 0 kg of excess weight.

The fourth day - "construction"

The menu: 0, 5 kg of chicken breast or turkey meat; mineral water without gas.

Diet ladder in this period is also aimed at eliminating excess weight. Please note that the body is experiencing a certain shock: a modified diet changes the composition of the blood, the frequency of cell division. The speed of many internal organs may become slower. Therefore, at this stage should be included in the diet of animal protein. For this ideal chicken. In addition it has a protein useful microelements, vitamins and minerals even. The fourth step ladder for superpohudeniya diet accelerates regeneration and thus does not violate the process of losing excess weight. During the day a person loses 0, 7 to 1, 3 kg.

The fifth day diet ladder - "burning"

Menu: 200 grams of oatmeal (porridge boil water); fruits and vegetables in their raw form to 1 kg; mineral water without gas.

At this stage of the diet stairs to burn more fat. This is achieved by creating in the body due to reception "dead" fiber from oatmeal and "live" from fruits and vegetables - a negative energy balance. Fiber is digested for a long time and it is an organism spends its additional reserves. In our case - is subcutaneous fat. So it creates a negative energy balance, to effectively reduce weight.

In addition, protein toxins are neutralized by the collapse of the plant fiber contained in fruits and vegetables. Their porous structure like a sponge absorbs all the toxins in the gut.

In the opinion of diet ladder gives a result of losing weight that day from 1 to 2, 5 kg.

And after that?

The results are excellent diet ladder. They allow no damage to health is easy to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. This restores the digestive tract. No need to change your daily routine. If desired, the diet ladder may at any time be reiterated, and composition of the products is very simple and does not need to think through how to cook something, or that dish.