Diet Inna Volovicheva

 Inna Volovicheva - razrabotchitsa diet
 What is the diet Inna Volovicheva

The effectiveness of many diets is due to the fact that they are designed by professional nutritionists and doctors, diet Inna Volovicheva not similar in this respect to other systems of losing weight, because it was developed by one of the participants of the reality show "Dom-2". Inna Volovicheva through trial and error was able to develop its own system of weight loss, which synthesizes existing diet and his personal observations.

Despite the many positive reviews about the diet Inna Volovicheva, public confirmation of its effectiveness is very razrabotchitsa, which managed to lose about 40 kilograms.

At its core diet Inna Volovicheva is a system of proper nutrition - exclusion from the diet of unhealthy foods and replacing them with healthy and wholesome food. According razrabotchitsa itself, no secrets to losing weight it is not, most importantly, what should be armed with such a system, subject to power - is willpower. Diet Inna Volovicheva - a struggle with temptation, since during the whole period of its compliance can not have the sweet, flour, salt and fried foods, bananas, grapes, mango, as well as drinking alcohol.

Stages of diet

In order for the body more easily endured a stressful situation related to the dramatic changes in diet, Inna Volovicheva recommends starting a diet with training - the gradual elimination from the diet prohibited foods.

Second step - directly diet which the duration should not exceed 3-4 weeks.

Diet Inna Volovicheva, reviews confirm compliance enables this week losing 3-4 extra kilos.

Individual stages can be called out of this system, which shall take place gradually. Some dieters believe disadvantage of many diets is that after completion of the weight will certainly return. This phenomenon is usually faced by those after the diet attacks the fridge and provides indulge in what is still a day ago to deny yourself. It is natural that after experiencing stress the body tries to hedge themselves with even greater force starts to lay new fat. For this reason, after the diet Inna Volovicheva need to continue to monitor portion sizes and calories.

Principles of diet

In order to lose weight in no time Inna Volovicheva recommends:

  • The day starts with cereal, preferably oatmeal with fruit pieces. For those who do not like cereal diet menu Ina Volovicheva serves breakfast in the form of eggs, cheese, apple slices, lettuce and green tea without sugar.
  • Permitted and recommended foods include fruits, vegetables, cooked meat, seafood, and should regularly consume juices.
  • Food after 18.00 - banned. If hunger pangs too painful, you can eat grapefruit or drink a glass of kefir.
  • Diet - a prerequisite diet Inna Volovicheva. You must strive to ensure that the meals every day at the same place and the same time.

 According to Ina Volovicheva day diet should start with oatmeal
 System weight loss by Ina Volovicheva not limited to proper nutrition, razrabotchitsa recommends that special attention be paid to physical activity and bath. Those who watched the fight with overweight Ina on TV, it is known that, in parallel she fought with another of his addiction - smoking. All those who decide to follow her example and one shot "kill two birds with one stone", it recommends in the event of a strong craving for tobacco use dried fruit.

Diet Menu Inna Volovicheva

As an option can be considered following the diet menu Ina Volovicheva.

Breakfast must necessarily include unsweetened and unsalted porridge on the water, you can add pieces of fresh fruit, except bananas and grapes. Drinks, preference should be given orange or grapefruit juice.

For lunch, it is recommended to eat stewed or steamed vegetables, fish meat go poultry salad containing fresh vegetables and grapefruit juice.

As a dinner suit 200g cooked chicken (without the skin) and vegetable salad.

Diet Inna Volovicheva at its exact compliance would achieve significant progress in the fight against obesity, and thus regain confidence in their abilities and in their beauty.