Diet for breastfeeding

By choosing a diet for nursing mothers should be approached with great care. In many areas the diet for lactating mothers is the key to a full breast-feeding the baby, and the woman's health during this period.  Features a diet for nursing mothers

Immediately after giving birth for the first few days of nutritionists generally recommend not to use a lot of food to give your body a rest.

In the first week and a half after childbirth Diet for breastfeeding mothers should consist of the following courses:

  • low-fat chicken broth;
  • various vegetable soups;
  • baked apples and vegetables;
  • oatmeal.

It is also advisable to drink plenty of different herbal, fruit drinks and fruit drinks. Once a woman has finally adjusted breastfeeding, it is necessary before each feeding to drink a glass of warm water or tea.

From the second week in a nursing mother's diet can include boiled beef, white fish, and nuts. And now the third week may be added to the diet of chicken, yogurt and eggs.

Do not be upset that the number of meals is limited, because such a strict diet for lactating mothers only lasts for the first two months after birth, and at the end of their women can gradually add new products to the diet. Recommended thus keep a food diary and carefully monitor the baby's reaction to each new product.

Weight loss diet for nursing mothers

During pregnancy, most women are gaining weight, and it is quite natural. So many women are interested in effective diet for weight loss for breastfeeding. Especially not clear, because the milk for the baby was in the required quantity and nutritious, you need a full ration. But if you carefully approach the selection of diets, the positive results can be achieved quite quickly without harm to their health and the health of the child.

Weight loss diet for lactating mothers should begin no sooner than three months after giving birth, because the body has to recover fully and lactation - adjusted. After this period, the power should be divided into 6-7 meals.

The first rule of diet for lactating mothers should be the complete abandonment of flour products and too fat food. Believe me, it will not affect the quality and quantity of milk, but your body will tell you "thank you".

What products should be included in the diet for breastfeeding diet?

  • must necessarily be various dairy products and fiber;
  • grated carrots perfectly cleanses the intestines and removes toxins;
  • can not eat mayonnaise and salads can be refilled with olive oil;
  • it is best to drink mineral water without gas, fruit juices and green tea;
  • Eat more vegetables in any form - in the stew, boiled, fried and fresh;
  • but from seeds and nuts should be abandoned: just one handful of nuts contains virtually daily intake of fat;
  • and, of course, on all alcoholic beverages - a taboo.  List of products for weight loss diets for lactating mothers

Tips nursing mothers to help them lose weight

Since the diet for lactating implies a ban on candy and chocolate, sometimes women can be very hard to resist the temptation. However, there is a solution. You can replace the chocolate jam, dried fruits and honey.

Avoid foods that can cause allergic reactions in children. These include chocolate, canned foods, sausages, eggs, strawberries, citrus fruits. This is not the full list, as every body is different, and the woman should follow the reaction of the baby.

Women should remember that during lactation the body needs calcium. It can be obtained by eating broccoli and cabbage, as well as sardines, almonds and oranges. Not interfere with the application of supplements containing vitamin D and calcium.

For a good metabolism the body needs vitamins. They forge the digestive system, as well as contribute to the development of the child. Therefore, during breast-feeding should not be neglected products containing vitamins.

It is necessary to give up all kinds of fast foods, smoked, pickled and canned foods, bacon, good coffee, soda, chips.

During a diet for nursing should not neglect a light snack between meals. A cup of yogurt, a slice of homemade cheese, one boiled egg, will relieve you of hunger and contribute to the fact that for lunch or dinner you will eat a smaller portion.