Diet Elena Malysheva

 Personal Diet Elena Malysheva
 Personal diet Malysheva Elena, a professor of medicine and popular TV channel ORT as such does not exist. But there are numerous doctor's advice regarding weight loss, healthy lifestyle, which in the aggregate, with their compliance, give the opportunity to really lose weight and, most importantly, to fix the result.

Diet Elena Malysheva "10 days - 5 kilograms"

Designed for 10 days diet Malysheva was offered on the eve of New Year holidays. It is the express diet, which is undesirable to use the time, but that can bail out before an important event.

Founded on the principles of the diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation of fractional power, elimination of salt from the diet, increased fluid intake.

Diet lasts 10 days, and Malisheva Elena offers to alternate days in one - one day and one protein - carbohydrate.

Menu of the day of protein, one egg with herbs for breakfast and a cooked chicken for a whole day. Cook the chicken in the following way: without removing the peel, bring to a boil, the water is drained, washed chicken again pour boiled water and had to end. As a result, it should have 700-800g meat, which divide into portions and eat during the day. Throughout the day should be drunk two liters of water.

Menu of the day carbohydrate diet Elena Malysheva: salad of three raw ingredients: 0, 5 kg of cabbage, 0, 5 kg of beet, 0, 5 kg of carrots. All the ingredients are finely cut or rub, mix well squeezed. Salad can be charged with lemon juice, salt it can not be. There follows a salad throughout the day, 7-8 times per day. Optionally, you can eat about every hour a glass of this salad. The carbohydrate day just to be drunk at least two liters of water.

Another condition diet Elena Malysheva - dinner (last meal) should end at 19.00.

Judging by the reviews, the diet Malysheva calculated for 10 days and based on the alternation of protein, carbohydrate days, really gives you the opportunity to lose 5 kilos.

Salt-free diet Elena Malysheva

 Diet Elena Malysheva
 Salt-free diet is not a personal diet Malysheva, but it contains all the basic doctor's advice on losing weight.

Principles of salt-free diet Malysheva:

  • salt in the diet should not be at all, in extreme cases, may be an insignificant amount.
  • split meals. It is desirable that the day is not less than five meals. So you can "run" your metabolism and avoid hunger.
  • Be sure to be breakfast.
  • Supper after 19.00 impossible.
  • Calorie daily diet of women is on average 1,200 calories (1,500 calories for men), so you need to train ourselves to consider the calories consumed.
  • Fasting can not be in the diet of Elena Malysheva, under normal supply. Doctors strongly against starvation: the body is under a lot of stress, which is primarily a negative effect on the liver, causing fatty degeneration body.
  • Positive attitude. According to Elena Malysheva, diet and weight loss should be a joy.

Products which, together with sodium chloride banned in salt-free diet Malysheva: vegetable and animal fats, potatoes, flour, rice, carrots, sugar, alcohol.

There are reviews of diet Malysheva, that is the daily menu in its different variations allows you to really lose weight:

  • for breakfast to eat oatmeal porridge, cooked in water, and even better steamed with boiled water to drink kefir or yogurt. Oatmeal is desirable to take unsanded and be sure to include a daytime menu, as It displays good cholesterol. To make the palatability can be added to porridge grated apple.
  • For lunch - boiled meat or eggs, fish or meat, any greens.
  • At dinner - salad, boiled egg, yogurt or yogurt again.

These are the three main meals diet Elena Malysheva between them at intervals of 2-3 hours, you can eat fruits or vegetables.

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Exit diet

Given the fact that these diets Elena Malysheva are strict, it is important to get out of them, and enter the previously forbidden foods in the diet gradually.

Judging by the reviews of the diet Malysheva, a good result can be the case if the same is not to continue after dinner 19.00, significantly reduce the use of salt, continue to avoid foods that are prohibited malyshevoy salt-free diet, especially roasted and sweet, monitor the amount of calories. Ideally, on the advice of Elena Malysheva, consult a dietitian, who will consult individually and calculates calorie permissible for a specific person.