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 What is the method of weight loss doctors Kovalkova

More than ten years of working with people who have the problem of excess weight, allowed the Russian dietitian Alexei Kovalkova develop its own effective method of losing weight.

Despite the fact that the diet doctor Kovalkova not yet as well known as the Atkins weight loss system or Duke she was able to find its adherents in many countries. Lose weight by the method of Dr. Kovalkova as possible in the author's clinic and at home by yourself. Choosing the second option is only possible in the absence of serious diseases, as well as after consultation I experienced dietitian or endocrinologist.

Diet doctor Kovalkova involves four stages, the first of which is a preparatory. Throughout the diet should follow a few guidelines:

  • weight loss should be preceded by a purgation;
  • the right mental attitude and motivation - allies in the fight against obesity;
  • vegetables, berries, fruit, cottage cheese and other dairy products is required to be included in the daily diet;
  • water consumption should be correct and sufficient;
  • fats in the diet should be replaced with vegetable useful analogues;
  • the consumption of animal protein, especially in the first phase diet doctor Kovalkova should be limited, it is recommended to give preference to plant proteins;
  • daily quantity of salt should not exceed 6 grams;
  • feasible exercise will help speed up the process of losing weight;
  • every day without fail should take vitamin-mineral complexes.

As the reviews, the diet doctor Kovalkova very effective - in the early stages of weight loss is about 4-5 kilos a week, then the process of weight loss slows down somewhat.

The preparatory stage

This step is aimed at accustoming yourself and your body to reasonable restrictions in the diet, to reduce elevated appetite and get rid of some bad habits. The preparatory phase is designed for 14-30 days, after which begins immediately diet.

Methods of weight loss doctors Kovalkova at this stage involves the rejection of the use of carbohydrates with high glycemic index:

  • the rejection of any and baking bread, except protein, black and rye bran;
  • banned carrots, corn and boiled beets;
  • honey, sweet fruits, dried fruits, fructose, any sweets taboo;
  • excluded from the diet of pasta, potatoes and white rice;
  • Alcohol is prohibited in any form.

The purpose of these restrictions - to warn sudden release of insulin, which provoke increased appetite. In addition, insulin inhibits the process of splitting fat deposits in the body, so to minimize the jumps of this hormone is very important for weight loss. During the preparatory period is necessary to eat five times a day and that is very important not to overeat.

Menu diet doctor Kovalkova at the preparatory stage should include a dish of legumes, grains, lentils, and vegetables and fruits. Proposed at this stage of the diet can reduce the consumption of sugar, which has a positive effect on health - not only reduces the risk of obesity, and heart disease and diabetes.

The first phase of the diet

This step is aimed at the normalization of metabolism, the cleansing of the digestive tract, accustoming the body to the minimum amounts of food. The first step usually takes 10-14 days.

Upon awakening technique involves weight loss doctor Kovalkova mandatory walk at a fast pace, which should last about an hour.

Menu diet doctor Kovalkova:

  • It recommended for breakfast an hour after the prom. The morning meal should be limited to low-fat yogurt (200 ml), bran powder (1 tbsp. L.) And pine nuts (1 tbsp. L.).
  • Two hours after breakfast you must "bite" one apple.
  • The first dinner diet Dr. Kovalkova offers an apple or ½ grapefruit.
  • The second dinner, and afternoon tea similar to the first dinner.
  • For dinner should eat vegetable salad, flavored with lemon or oil-oil-vinegar dressing, and you can also add a small amount of cheese.
  • Before going to bed to drink a glass of milk or eat two eggs protein.

Between all the techniques of food should be kept in the time interval 2-3 hours. The amount consumed during the day the water should be at least two liters, are also allowed to drink three cups of unsweetened green tea.

During the first stage of the method of weight loss doctors Kovalkova provides for the refusal of strength training, because at such a diet they are meaningless.

The second phase of the diet

Approximate duration of this stage - 1-7 months. According to the reviews about the diet doctor Kovalkova, in this period continued the intensive weight loss, but at the same time food becomes more comfortable.

Menu diet doctor Kovalkova the second stage replenished seafood, chicken breast, turkey, fish, are also allowed to use a small amount of low-fat cottage cheese. All meals should be prepared for a couple, at least in the oven, fried in oil from the food must be discarded. Meals during the day should be fractional and varied - 5-6 times in small portions.

As the reviews, the diet doctor Kovalkova can cause a decrease in power performance and mental alertness. This is due to a lack of dietary intake of complex carbohydrates, but on the other hand, the consumption of foods rich in fiber, allows the body to get the necessary daily rate of simple carbohydrates (130 g).

The third and final stage

 In the early stages of the diet doctor Kovalkova weight loss of about 4-5 kg ​​per week
 This phase of the diet doctor Kovalkova designed to consolidate the results, stick with it as long as possible should, ideally - lifelong.

This period is characterized by the following innovations:

  • gradually supplemented diet cereals - barley, wheat, buckwheat, brown and wild rice;
  • once in 2-3 days allowed to "pamper" themselves black or bran bread, baked potatoes;
  • weaken restrictions on alcohol and sweets - are allowed to dry wine and dark chocolate;
  • in cooking preference should be given to olive oil, but the use of butter and milk fat is necessary to limit;
  • sweets and pastries from the category of "forbidden" transition into the category of "unwanted".

The undeniable advantage of this stage and the methods of weight loss doctors Kovalkova in general is a diet according to the principles of healthy eating. If you adhere to prescribed limits during the entire life, you can forget about the problems of overweight forever.