Diet doctor Bormentalja

"Diet Dr. Bormentalja" - so called one of the weight loss programs in specialized clinics.

 Diet doctor Bormentalja
 This technique is based mainly on the psychological preparation of the patient and deal with it by yourself is not recommended, although the book with a description of this diet in the free market is.

Principles of diet doctor Bormentalja

Nutritionists who developed this diet, believed that any ban is psychologically distressing to the person and, therefore, emphasizes that there are no products that would be prohibited. Restriction applies only to the number of calories consumed per day. For women, the number is about 1,200 calories a day - the rate calculated for each person individually. On what will be spent those calories, defines the person. Eat fewer calories than 1200, it is not recommended, it may lead to metabolic disorders, although judging by the reviews, the diet Bormentalja in some cases, for patients with a low daily physical activity provides a daily rate of 1,000 calories.

To lose weight by this method you need to get a table of calories, special kitchen scales and lead the first recording time of the day eaten products, their weight and calorie content. Thanks to the "food diary" over time it will become clear which products, how many fit into the permitted, for example, 1,200 calories and does not cause any such diet psychological and physical discomfort.

Due to individual approach Bormentalja diet menu does not exist - it can be set independently for themselves, based on personal preferences. The only thing is, the list of recommended products, and man passed psychological training, he gradually came to the conclusion that the digestible carbohydrates and fats in large quantities - it is bad for the figure, and goes to more useful products.

It is desirable that the diet menu Bormentalja attended meat, low-fat cottage cheese, egg whites, vegetables, fruits. In addition, the diet is welcome - dinner must end no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

After the allotted according to the procedure for weight loss over time, nutritionists recommend not behind schedule calories, not to exceed the limit of 1,600 calories a day and regularly fasting days - kefir, cabbage, lemons, watermelons, and other products. Recommended frequency of these days - at least 1 time per week.

Stages of implementation of the method of weight loss

 For a diet doctor Bormentalja need a table calorie products
 In the first reception of a nutritionist in charge of weight loss program with diet Bormentalja doctor, a patient interviewed and it turns out the root cause of excess weight. In subsequent rounds held psychological training - given installation to improve metabolism, the patient is taught to determine the present hunger, teach the basics of a healthy diet and the fact that food may not be the only source of pleasure, clean facilities associated with food.

In addition, patients are taught special breathing technique, promotes weight loss, instruct the future - after the end of the patient has to do without the help of doctors and be able to independently and properly prepare their menu on a diet doctor Bormentalja.

After the finalization of a man given a month, he returned home in a familiar environment testing methodology. Then he passes a check-up at the clinic.

Contraindications diet doctor Bormentalja

There are reviews of diet Bormentalja indicating that losing weight through diet is not recommended for teenagers: patients under 18 years of age do not take to the center of practicing this technique - is that they are not prepared either physically or psychologically. In addition, this system of weight loss is contraindicated in patients with oncological pathologies, suffering from diabetes, mental disorders, had a stroke, a heart attack.