Diet ballerinas

What is the diet of dancers

 Diet ballerinas
 The dancers embody lightness, ease and elegance, but in order to achieve all this, they have to face each day with certain restrictions in food.

In order to keep the figure they adhere to a special diet dancers, which suggests some rules:

  • During the meal should abandon the whole portions and limit its half.
  • The dancers soup diet menu is a separate dish, which should not be combined with other products.
  • Simultaneous use of meat and fish should be avoided, as these products contain different kinds of protein that can slow down their assimilation.
  • Employed dairy products should contain a minimum amount of fat, in addition, it is desirable to dilute it with ice.
  • Do not use mayonnaise, bought in the store. As an alternative to diet dancers offers self-catering Product: refined sunflower oil whisk vinegar and mustard, then add 1/3 cup low-fat yogurt. Use of such mayonnaise and salt should not be yolks.
  • Results diets dancers largely determined by the categorical prohibition of salt. As its replacement is proposed to use soy sauce or seasoning, which should be added to ready-made meals.
  • The liquid can be drunk within 30 minutes before or one hour after a meal. Use water during the meal should not be.
  • The minimum amount of water you drink during the day - 1, 5-2 liters.

These principles are aimed dancers diet not only lose weight, but also on the formation of habits of proper and healthy eating.

Menu diets ballerinas

If you want to quickly get rid of excess balances can be used system of weight loss calculated for seven days. As the reviews, the diet allows you to reset the dancers around 4-6 kilos in one week of its compliance.

 Before you start to stick to the diet menu dancers must spend two days unloading
 So, before you start to stick to the diet menu dancers must spend two days unloading. The first day - tomato. Breakfast and dinner in the same day - 1 glass of tomato juice. As the lunch offered two glasses of tomato juice and a slice of black bread. Second day - milk-kefir. This day is similar to the previous, with the only difference that tomato juice is replaced with low-fat milk or yogurt. These fasting days once a week may be used alone, to get rid of 1-2 superfluous kgs.

Directly Diet ballerinas, the results of which are largely dependent on the accuracy of compliance menu lasts 4-5 days. Daily morning meal is presented nonfat cottage cheese (1/3 pack) and 1-3% of warm milk or yogurt (1 cup). During the second breakfast should eat a piece of bread and butter, 1 tsp honey and a cup of coffee. Lunch should consist of one cup of broth, a piece of meat (150 g) and boiled rice (1 tbsp. L.). At lunch it is recommended to eat an apple or an orange. For two hours before bedtime should drink a cup of yogurt or warm milk with honey (1 ch. L.).

There is another version of the diet menu dancers presented a variety of products. For breakfast, should eat a low-fat cottage cheese (1/4 pack), add the sour cream, raisins, fresh fruit or honey. In addition, the morning meal should include a portion of porridge, cooked in water, a slice of cheese and a slice of black bread, preferably wholemeal. Lunch should be submitted to a glass of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, and after 30 minutes should consume an apple and a glass of low-fat "live" yogurt. For lunch allowed to eat rice or buckwheat, a piece of fish, a salad of fresh vegetables, a piece of dark chocolate and an apple. Snack soup should be limited, which can be prepared in the fish, vegetable or meat broth lightweight. From the bread should be avoided. Dinner should be submitted to steamed vegetables, baked fish, salad of fresh vegetables and herbs.

Confirms the effectiveness of diets ballerinas reviews, which show the positive results of such a system of losing weight.