Diet 11

For people with depleted  Indications for the diet 11
 conditions after surgeries and injuries, as well as various forms of tuberculosis has a special power .  Special meals must be an integral part of a comprehensive treatment and enhance the therapeutic effect of drugs .  The essence of good nutrition is the restoration of body functions in boosting immunity and maintaining vitality .  11 diet (diet for weight gain) accelerates the recovery processes in the body and stimulates its defenses .  There are many variations of diet 11 depending on the nature of the disease, the localization of the inflammatory process and the general state of the organism .  If anemia diet 11 is selected individually in each case .  With special power-up for the shortage of trace elements and biologically active substances required for hematopoiesis .  At the same time restrict the consumption of fats, hinder the absorption of iron, increasing the proportion of protein in the diet to 90 g daily .  In diabetes increase the proportion of vegetable fats and proteins, reducing the amount of carbohydrates .

General characteristics of the diet 11

According to the energy value of the diet is superior to 11 healthy human diet .  When choosing products for diets focusing on the presence of essential minerals and trace elements, biologically active substances, vitamins saturation .  Increased calorie is achieved by the high content of protein, fat and carbohydrate .  At the same time when the power of therapeutic diet 11 is not irritating to the digestive system .  The food is very easily processed and assimilated without causing putrefaction and fermentation in the digestive tract .  Dietary fiber help cleanse the blood and intestines of accumulated toxins in the disease and residues of drugs .  When diet 11 are important flavor characteristics of food .  Dishes for this diet is boiled, stewed or steamed, but at the same time try by any means to improve their appearance and aroma .  The daily ration of the diet should include about 11 to 120 g protein, 110 g fat, 400-500 grams of carbohydrate and 1 0 mg retinol, 8, carotene 5 mg, 2 mg thiamine 4 mg of riboflavin, 30 mg niacin .  In the human diet at 11 every day must be supplied at least 200 mg ascorbic acid, 4 g of sodium 1, 4 g of calcium, 0, 6 mg of magnesium, 2, 2 mg of phosphorus, 0, 055 grams of iron and 15 g of sodium chloride .  Diet for weight gain provides split meals five to six times a day .  The amount of servings should be distributed evenly .

Recommended and excluded products in the diet 11

When the diet is recommended to use 11 any baked goods made from wheat flour, rye flour with the addition of nuts, seeds, dried fruits (cakes, cookies, muffins, pies, rolls). Products made of sand, or puff pastry can be consumed in limited quantities.

With this diet you recommend any soups, especially nourishing the fish, meat, mushroom broth. The soup can be added to a large number of beets, carrots, potatoes and pasta. Allowed and filling soups based on semolina flour or passages with cream, sour cream. You can include in the diet of milk based soups pasta and cereals, as well as soups and soups with a lump of meat, meatballs. When diet 11 for cooking are allowed to use all types of low-fat meat - beef, lamb, cut pork, chicken, rabbit, duck, goose, turkey. Meat can be a piece of stew, served with various sauces, baked in foil. Allowed to add to the diet of sausage, ham, sausages and hot dogs. During the diet is necessary to eliminate the use of 11 refractory animal fats, such as lamb, beef and cooking oil.

During the diet the fish bold and low-fat varieties can boil, bake, braise or roast .  Allowed cod liver oil, eggs, canned fish, fillets .  Dairy products can be consumed in unlimited quantities .  Very useful milk products .  They normalize microflora after antibiotic therapy and disease .  Cereals 11 at the diet should be used for the preparation of side dishes to vegetables and meat .  Preference should be given buckwheat, oats, semolina .  Of them can cook casseroles and puddings .  From vegetables can be cooked separate meals or side dishes, and eat raw, baked, boiled and fried .  From boiled beans, peas and beans can be cooked mashed .  It is also recommended to eat sweet and sour and sweet ripe, soft berries and fruits, and cooked fresh, and use as a filling for pies .  In the preparation of sweet dishes, you can add honey, jam and refined sugar .  It is not recommended to consume sweet foods with fat butter cream (cakes, pies) .

An important role in the diet for weight gain play a snack. They improve appetite and prepare the human digestive system to work. Widely recommended various leafy vegetables and salads with the addition of  Diet Diet 11
 parsley, dill, spices, garlic. Fatty and spicy seasonings include in the diet is not recommended.

Drinks in the diet are allowed any 11 including coffee and strong tea. Useful compote of dried fruits and broth hips.

Sample menu diet 11

Sample menu diet 11 may be:

  • First breakfast: fat cottage cheese (with sour cream, sugar or jam), boiled egg, tea with sugar and lemon, bun;
  • lunch: buckwheat porridge, boiled in milk, coffee and sugar;
  • Lunch: vegetable salad and seafood soup with fresh cabbage with meat soup, beef stroganoff with vegetable stew, shredded carrots with honey, tomato juice;
  • lunch: broth hips;
  • Dinner: vegetable salad, baked fish, fried potatoes, stewed fruit.

The diet for the child 11

11 Medical diet for a child is based on the same principle as the diet for adults, but with some differences. The amount of protein in the daily diet is within the normal range, but preference is given to its easily digestible and valuable species.

The amount of carbohydrates and fats in the diet for a child 11 must be reduced. Carbohydrates help to strengthen the process of fermentation in the intestine, causing bloating and other violations. For normal growth and development, strengthen the immune system and increase vitality in the child's diet should include foods rich in vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and D, as well as potassium, calcium and other trace elements.

When the diet for 11 child should limit consumption of salt (sodium chloride). It is not recommended to add some salt foods and use foods with high salinity (acute varieties of sausages and cheese, pickles, herring). The amount of fluid consumed must correspond to age norm.

In drawing up the diet for 11 child must choose the most useful products. It is important to know how much protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins contained in each product.