Kissel slimming

 Apple jelly cleansing diet
 Kissel - old Russian traditional dish that left its mark in the history of the country. Use jelly to health has been known since ancient times, and the story itself of this dish is calculated for centuries.

In recent years, it is particularly relevant jelly diet, particularly oats. What is it so useful?

A bit of porridge

Actually, the drink was called "jelly" for the characteristic sour taste that is acquired as a result of the fermentation product. In addition, fermentation and contributes to the fact that the jelly is useful for weight loss and health. Kisel is very easy to cook at home, and now mass oatmeal recipes for weight loss can be found on the Internet.

The first mention of porridge dates back to the 16th century. He is widely known as a very healthy food for children. And abroad pudding called "Russian balm" for its many beneficial properties. But it corresponds to jelly for adults? Kissel slimming is not only suitable for those who adhere to carbohydrate-free diet.

Benefits and properties cleansing jelly diet of oats

Oats generally useful for the organism. The protein contained in it stimulates cell growth and tissue regeneration. As part of the oats diet normalizes the nervous and cardiovascular systems, blood sugar levels. Thus, oats can be called one of the most useful products for health. It is useful for people of any age, but especially the elderly, due to the high content of calcium and phosphorus.

Compared to other cereals, oatmeal is the most nutritious, so it is definitely included in the diet of sports nutrition. Regular consumption of oat products, including jelly diet substantially tones the body, strengthens the immune system and prolongs life, because oats slows the aging process.

If we talk directly about the benefits of oatmeal for weight loss, it significantly improves the overall internal environment, takes from it poisons and toxins. The cleaning properties of oatmeal diet can be considered one of the wonders of nature - in fact, as everyone knows, carbohydrate-containing products, on the contrary, contribute to the formation of toxins in the body. But the miracle of cleansing jelly slimming it removes toxins from the body.

Most human diseases occur due to the wrong way of life, namely, abuse of tobacco and alcohol, foods high in fat and as a result of sedentary lifestyles. All this leads to the fact that the blood cholesterol accumulates, settles on the walls of blood vessels, which in turn contributes to their blockage and atherosclerosis, stroke and myocardial infarction. Regular consumption of jelly diet is an excellent prevention of the above diseases due to the high content of amino acids that regulate metabolism.

When passing through the gastrointestinal tract cleansing diet jelly coats the mucous membrane, has protected it from a variety of inflammatory processes, normalizes intestinal microflora, improves the absorption of digested nutrients, has a purifying and laxative effect on the colon.  The recipe for oatmeal diet

Use jelly to lose weight is to restore the body's internal environment and the creation of conditions such that the immune system begins to fight the disease on their own. According to reviews, jelly diet after 2-2, 5 months of regular admission normalizes health, helps stop pain and abatement in the stomach and intestine, disappearance of weakness in the legs, the normalization of heart rate, improve kidney function. In addition, jelly weight loss, according to reviews, is a delicious and nutritious drink that will improve the mood.

The recipe jelly cleansing diet

In the three-liter jar it is necessary to pour 1, 5 cups of oatmeal or whole-grain oatmeal. Pour two liters of warm boiled water, add half a cup of yogurt, stir, cover with plastic lid and put in a warm place for 1, 5-2 days to ferment.

After the fermentation process is complete, you need to mix strain through several layers of cheesecloth into another jar and put in the fridge for a day. After one day, the bank is formed on top of the translucent liquid, and the bottom will be a white precipitate. Translucent liquid should be drained, and that liquid that with sediment, and will be the basis for jelly diet. Store the serum can be refrigerated for 2-3 weeks.

To prepare the jelly slimming serum must be diluted with water at a ratio of 1: 2, put on fire and bring to a boil. All pudding is ready for use. For a taste you can add a little honey or oil.