Chinese diet

 Chinese diet got its name from the system power-oriented eastern ideals of female figures
 About miniaturization and elegance of Chinese women is known to many, probably, focusing on Eastern ideals of female figures, some of the ways of weight loss are called "Chinese diet."

The traditional Chinese diet

This power system is focused not only on weight loss, but also on the cleansing of the body.

According to reviews, the Chinese diet is fairly easy to comply with, but to fans of fast results, it is hardly suitable as intended for two or three months.

An important moment in the Chinese diet is to consume two glasses of chilled water in the morning, waking up once - three times a week.

Menu of traditional Chinese diet:

  • First day. Breakfast in the day presented white cabbage (150 g) and mineral water (1 cup). Dining meal should consist of rice (4 tbsp. L.), Preferably red, shredded carrots (150 grams) of olive oil, and mineral water (1 cup). Supper on the first day of the Chinese diet should be boiled fish (150 g), a few sheets of lettuce and a small slice of bread.
  • Second day. Morning meal should include carrot salad (150 g), a toast from black bread and mineral water (1 cup). For lunch, it is recommended to eat a salad of fresh vegetables (200 g), bread (a small slice) and drink apple juice (1 cup). When cooking vegetable salad preference should be given cabbage, lettuce, carrots and celery. Dinner that day represented boiled rice (100g), lettuce (leaf 4), grapefruit (1/2 pcs.) And mineral water (1 cup).
  • The third day. At breakfast should drink orange juice (1 cup) and eat fruit salad (200 g) for the preparation of which is recommended to use oranges, pears, apples and bananas. Dining eating involves eating boiled asparagus (250 g), cabbage salad (150 g), sprinkle with lemon juice, bread (a small slice) and mineral water (1 cup). For dinner, indulge permitted fried mushrooms (250 g) small potatoes, mineral water (1 cup).
  • Fourth day. Breakfast should consist of apples, oranges, toast, brown bread and apple juice (1 cup). Dinner that day the Chinese diet is recommended: boiled asparagus (300 g) with basil leaves and rice, a large apple, bread (a small slice), and should not forget a glass of mineral water. For dinner, you need to eat boiled potatoes (2 pcs.), Boiled fish (200 g) and bread (a small slice).
  • The fifth day. Breakfast - rice porridge (small plate) and a glass of mineral water. Lunch should be submitted salad cabbage and seaweed (200 g), a small slice of bread or rice cakes and a glass of mineral water. Dinner is similar to lunch, with the only difference that the salad should be cooked from fresh vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, carrots) and filled with oil.
  • The sixth day. On this day, as the Chinese diet offers breakfast rice porridge (small plate) and a glass of apple juice. Lunch should be submitted boiled sea fish (200 g), fruit salad (150 g) made from orange, kiwi and apple and a glass of orange juice or mango. Dine recommended low-fat fried meat (one piece), bread (a small slice), chopped green salad (4 leaf), seasoned with lemon juice, and orange.
  • The seventh day. For breakfast, the Chinese diet is recommended to prepare a fruit salad (250 g) of apricots, prunes and apples, as well as not to forget to drink a glass of mineral water. Dining meal should consist of boiled rice (150 g) prepared with 1 tbsp. l. honey and pieces of fruit, and also from a glass of mineral water. Dine in this day should be boiled sea fish (150 g), salad and sea cabbage (200 g), a small rice cake and a glass of mineral water.

The suggestions above should be repeated weekly menu around throughout the Chinese diet. During the whole time needed as often as possible and as much drinking mineral water.

Chinese diet for 21 days

As the reviews, the Chinese diet in this embodiment is a fairly heavy and low-calorie. The most difficult - the first week, so if you can stand it, then it will go fun.

Chinese diet 21 day promises weight loss of 14 kg. Active Weight loss occurs in the first two weeks, and the last seven days designed for consolidation and a gradual transition to a regular diet.

During the first week should be fed three times a day, eating one meal of boiled one egg and one orange. Drink from beverages is permitted only unsweetened green tea.

The second week of the Chinese diet for 21 days suggests the use of all cereals except barley and manna. In the evening, taken groats, soaked overnight and in the morning of her fresh water boiled gruel, with no added salt, sugar and butter. The main product of the second week, you can use without restrictions, drink, you can still only water and unsweetened green tea.

During the third week allowed to eat any fruits and vegetables, the latter being allowed to stew in vegetable oil and add salt. In addition to green tea, the last week of the Chinese diet for 21 days permitted juices and fruit drinks.

Chinese diet 14 days

Lose 5-10 kilos, as well as get rid of excess salt and toxins to help Chinese diet for 14 days.

 An important moment in the Chinese diet is the use of chilled water
 During the diet should adhere to the following menu:

  • 1st day. In the morning - coffee. In the afternoon - 2 boiled eggs, 1 tomato, or a glass of tomato juice and salad of cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil. The same salad should be prepared for dinner, and complement it with a piece of fish.
  • 2nd day. In the morning - coffee and toast. Lunch is similar to the previous day's dinner. In the evening - boiled beef (200 g) and a cup of yogurt or sour milk.
  • 3rd day. In the morning - coffee. Lunch on this day the Chinese diet of 14 days shall consist of one raw egg and three boiled carrots, seasoned with vegetable oil. In the evening - apples.
  • 4th day. In the morning - coffee. For lunch - fried in vegetable oil parsnip or parsley root and apples. In the evening - two boiled eggs, boiled beef (200 g) and vegetable salad with vegetable oil.
  • 5th day. In the morning - grated raw carrots with lemon juice or honey (1/2 spoon). At lunch - fish (500 g) and a glass of tomato juice. In the evening - a fish and vegetable salad.
  • 6th day. In the morning - coffee. For lunch - boiled chicken (500 g) and vegetable salad (cabbage and carrots). In the evening - two boiled eggs and raw carrots, flavored with vegetable oil.
  • 7th day. In the morning - green tea. For lunch - boiled beef (200 g), any fruit (500 g). In the evening you can eat a moderate amount of food from the diet of any of the previous days, except the third.

On the eighth day all the menus to be repeated again.

As the reviews, the Chinese diet in this embodiment is not very complicated, but it should be remembered that all dishes should be cooked without salt and sugar.