Charge for weight loss

 Charge for weight loss burns excess fat
 To lose weight, you should not only attentive to the diet, but also to burn extra calories without giving them deposited in the form of adipose tissue. Regular physical activity reduces weight, strengthens muscles and makes the contours of the body more slender.

Basic rules of charging for weight loss

Exercise faced muscles when performing charging for weight loss, usually small. Their intensity certainly can not be compared with sports loads or developments, the aim of charging for losing weight - spend the excess energy, increasing energy expenditure by the body movement.

To effectively reduce excess weight, it is important to give the load to the body all the time, for example, enter the mode of the day morning exercises for weight loss. Although the timing is not necessarily exercise a certain time of day. Charge for weight loss would be equally effective regardless of whether it is morning or evening. But a meal of it is better to postpone the time interval of at least 1, 5 hours.

In order to achieve significant progress and lose weight, exercises for weight loss is required to do on a daily basis.

The morning exercises for weight loss included the usual physical exercises, but the execution of a few more, and there are no breaks between exercises. Only such an intense pace will give visible results. Each exercise should be repeated at least 10 times.

On the complex of exercises for charging should take care in advance, making the program. Strive to do all the exercises from the program every day is not necessary, it is possible to separate them, for example, charging slimming stomach in one day, for the muscles of the back and arms - the second, charging slimming leg - the third, etc.

The structure of charging for weight loss

In a complex exercise for weight loss can be divided into three stages:

  • Warm-up (there is warming the muscles);
  •   The main part of the exercise;
  •   Relaxation exercises.

All exercises of weight loss programs, it is desirable to do for a week at least once. After half an hour after exercise, you can eat a little bit, but the main meal is optimal delay of 2 hours after charging for weight loss.

Sample exercises for weight loss charge

To warm up, usually selected movement involving as many different muscle groups. It is necessary to start it with the steps and running in place, jumping, swings and roundabouts arms, tilts in different directions. All the movements are carried out at the pace and dynamic.

Charging slimming legs primarily involves the load on the muscles of the thighs. To do this, fit alternating lunges legs with a straight back, kick their feet and legs drift in the opposite direction. It is also good to give the load on the muscles of the buttocks. To do this in the supine position with knees bent legs have to take your pelvis off the floor and lower it again.

Strengthening muscular frame makes the thighs and calves legs more shapely and beautiful. To reduce the fat deposits on the inner thighs are good exercises using step-platform. As a platform in the home, you can use an ordinary box or carton.

Charging slimming stomach should include complex abdominal muscles. Most often it is raising the upper half of the torso of the supine position. As an option can rise straight leg and pelvic end of the supine position to 45 degrees.

Exercise load abdominals charging slimming stomach should be repeated at least 10 minutes to allow sufficient load muscles. It is recommended to also include exercises with a hoop.

Well help lose weight push-ups. For beginners it is easier to start from the wall push-ups, and only then move on to the classic push-ups. As the charging rate can be recommended for weight loss Bodyflex.

 Charge for weight loss includes a set of exercises aimed at burning calories
 Useful core set of charging for weight loss include the following exercises:

  •   In the supine position stretch your legs, socks at the same time pull over, and then repeat the same exercise with separated toes in the hand;
  •   Lying on his back, stretched his legs pressed to the floor, and then relax them slightly bent at the knees;
  •   In the supine position to do exercises sliding feet to him and from him, trying to grab your toes litter;
  •   Sitting on the floor with straight legs and taking your foot or ankle hand, to try to raise the foot and lower it, then repeat the same for the other leg;
  •   Standing upright with his legs crossed, his hands pulling forward and tilt the body forward a little stay in the slope and slowly return to the original position;
  •   On his knees, raised his hands up and cross them, then sit alternately on one hip to the other, shifting the center of gravity from side to side.