Buckwheat diet

The essence of buckwheat diet

 Buckwheat diet allows a short time to lose about 7-10 kilograms of excess weight
 It is a mono-diet, buckwheat diet allows a short time to lose about 7-10 kg of excess weight.

This weight loss system is quite simple, as its main condition is to limit food intake by one product - buckwheat. However, in terms of compliance, dumped kgs are difficult because adhere to monotonous menu of buckwheat diet is hard enough. The situation is complicated by the fact that the buckwheat must be cooked without added salt, sugar and spices, so despite the absence of restrictions on the amount of servings, eat a lot of fresh food is unlikely to succeed. As the reviews of buckwheat diet, even fans of this cereal had at some point to use your willpower. The indisputable advantages of buckwheat diet for weight loss are its low cost and effectiveness.

Classical buckwheat diet

Buckwheat slimming diet designed for one, for a maximum of two weeks.

During this time, all meals are limited to buckwheat porridge, cooked in a special way .  Rump should not cook, you need a glass of buckwheat pour two cups of boiling water and leave for several hours, preferably overnight .  As mentioned above, no flavor enhancers and additional products, including oil, impossible to add .  Buckwheat diet results begin to appear at an early stage - 0 5-1 kg per day .  This process is due to the release of excess fluid from the body .  Then the weight is lost at a slower rate, however, the fatty layer slowly but surely continues to decline .  A limitation of buckwheat diet for weight loss is a ban on eating later than 4-5 hours before bedtime .  Throughout the diet you can not drink coffee, but pure non-carbonated water can be consumed in unlimited quantities .  Out of the power of such a system should be slowly, gradually increasing the amount of calories consumed .

Options buckwheat diet

 Buckwheat diet with yogurt
 Along with the classic version of its popular diet variations: buckwheat diet with yogurt and buckwheat Dukan Diet.

Since buckwheat diet alone is tough enough to reduce the anguish in its compliance and enrich the diet of an additional source of protein, you can include yogurt on the menu. Preference should be given a 1% -omu drink, the amount must not exceed one liter per day. At the same time the use of yogurt can replace one of the meals or drink they buckwheat. Buckwheat diet with yogurt better tolerated by the body, and the effect of it is not inferior to the classic version.

Buckwheat Dukan Diet is not fundamentally different from the usual buckwheat diet. The main difference is in the method of preparation and amount of buckwheat: 200 grams of cereal pour 500 ml of hot water, close the lid tightly and wrapped to keep warm. In such a container with buckwheat should stand overnight, morning the excess liquid is drained, and the contents are divided into three parts which are taken in the morning, afternoon and evening.

As part of the Dukan Diet buckwheat if like sweet allowed to dissolve 1 spoon of honey in a glass of water and drink in the morning for 30 minutes before eating. Furthermore, if the buckwheat is not enough to saturate, can be added to 1 liter of low-fat diet yogurt, and dried in a limited amount.

Disadvantages buckwheat diet

Due to the results, buckwheat diet is among the five most popular and effective diet to help you quickly get rid of excess weight. However, severe restrictions of the system power supply adversely affect health. For example, a complete and abrupt abandonment of salt can cause headaches and reduce blood pressure.

Also buckwheat diet confirm ratings may lead to some degree of mental retardation, due to lack of sugar (glucose). Finally, buckwheat diet, like any other mono-diet, can not meet the need of the body in a variety of nutrients, even despite the fact that buckwheat contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Given all the disadvantages of buckwheat diet, it should be understood that the observance of its more than two weeks and repeated courses earlier than three months, can cause serious harm to the body. In any case, before drastically changing eating habits, you should consult your doctor.