Brush salad slimming

Salad Brush diet known to almost everyone, who wants to reduce body weight. Title salad based on its effect: the abundance of fiber in vegetables supplied to the intestine, where swells and, like the brush cleans the accumulated toxins in it, and excess cholesterol. Authorship is credited with lettuce and Paul Breguet, and other well-known dietician early twentieth century.

Salad Brush for weight loss: a recipe

 Salad Brush diet may consist of beets, carrots and cabbage
 Brushes salad recipe for weight loss there are so many. All of them share a common idea - an abundance of vegetables with high content of indigestible fiber, filling, consisting of olive oil and lemon juice, no salt.

Classic salad recipe Brushes diet is as follows: on a coarse grater rub half a kilogram of celery, raw carrots and raw beets and pour sauce. And the most common among our countrymen recipe celery replace crude white cabbage. Sometimes used as a refueling balsamic vinegar.

To improve the taste and flavor of the finished dish, you can add any herbs to taste: dill, parsley, green onions. A separate gourmets put in place green salad Brush slimming pre-soaked and chopped prunes.

Another salad recipe Blade: grater grate the beets, carrots and green apples. Add one chopped onion, steamed and chopped dried apricots and prunes, a handful of pomegranate seeds and cranberries. Season with lemon juice.

Next salad recipe is associated with only Russian food: carrots and beets to add radishes. All vegetables rubbed on a coarse grater, add the herbs and garlic, seasoned with fragrant sunflower oil.

In the spring and early summer in this salad can add a fresh radish and summer and autumn salad Brush diet prepared with sweet pepper. Grated carrots and rub beets, chopped cabbage and add finely chopped onion. At the end add diced colored peppers and lettuce nonfat yogurt seasoned with garlic and dill.

We also know that the people of Italy replaced beet salad radicchio.

Salad Brush for weight loss: results

Results from the salad Brushes slimming truly spectacular. If you received one and a half kilograms of food divided into 8-10 portions and distribute one day by staging thereby unloading the body, the average weight loss is not less than one kilogram. We should not forget that the diet of this fasting day is rich in vitamins and trace elements.

 Salad Brush diet - plenty of vegetables with high content of indigestible fiber
 The effect of weight loss on salad Shchetka ensured by the fact that the digestion and assimilation of nutrients contained in vegetables, the body expends tremendous energy, exceeding calorie vegetable that is consumed reserves of its own power station - fat. Arranging fasting day on salad Brush kindly requested to allocate a portion of polutorakilogrammovuyu bounds, otherwise it may simply not be able to eat it without a trace.

It should be noted that energy consumption begins at the stage of preparation, as grate half a kilogram of raw vegetables is not so much easy. In addition, a considerable amount of it is spent on the stage of mastication, especially given the size of the resulting portions.

Also rave reviews about Blade salad slimming leave those who use this dish as an alternative to any other food for dinner.