The English diet

The essence of the English diet

 Designed British diet for 21 days
 British diet is practiced by many women who want to lose weight for many years now.

This weight loss system is simple, cheap and effective. The essence of the diet is the alternation of the two protein and two vegetable days. Calculated British diet for 21 days, during which provides virtually complete elimination of fat from the diet. Banned for three weeks are pastries, white bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar, and later dinner (after 19:00) and "snacks."

Menu English diet

The first two days are milky grain phase which is an organism preparation for the upcoming changes in nutrition. These days, breakfast is 1 piece of black bread, 1 cup of milk. At 12:00 and 19:00 allowed to drink 1 glass of milk, while at 15:00, in addition to 1 cup of milk, you can eat one piece of black bread. In the evening, let's say 1 cup of tomato juice.

For the protein phase is characterized by four meals. The breakfast menu includes British diet: unsweetened coffee with milk, a piece of black bread, ½ tablespoon of honey and butter. For lunch at 12:00 ideal 150-200 grams of chicken boiled meat, a cup of broth, a piece of black bread and 2 tablespoons green peas. At 15:00 you must drink 1 glass of milk, you can substitute tea with ½ tablespoon of honey. Supper at 19:00 should be two eggs or 50 grams of cheese (fish, meat, lean ham). As an option can be used a glass of kefir.

Despite the fact that the second stage is called vegetable menu these days British diet includes fruit. Breakfast for this stage is limited to two oranges, or the same number of apples. At 12:00 should be eaten vegetable soup without potatoes, lettuce, which, if desired, can be replaced with vegetable ragout on vegetable oil, as well as a piece of black bread. At 15:00 resolved any fruit except bananas. Dinner at 19:00 suggests a cup of tea and ½ tablespoon of honey.

 Start English diet reviews and developers are strongly advised to two days milky grain stage
 The suggestions above, you can change the menu, while adhering to the basic principles of the system and supply the necessary caloric food (1000 kcal / day).

Start English diet reviews and developers are strongly advised to two days milky grain stage, after which you can start any of the following two periods. In the last 21 days of the British diet is recommended to adhere to a diet of milk stage, or be confined to drinking water. After the diet, you can return to a normal diet. Repeat the British diet can be no earlier than six months after the previous course.

Results English diet

As the ratings, British diet is very effective: reducing the amount of body fat on the sides, in some cases disappears cellulite appears lightness in the body. Compliance with the proposed power supply system lets you lose weight in 21 days at 8-12 kilograms. Moreover, in most cases, the lost weight is not refundable.

Although desirable results British diet can have side effects that appear as diarrhea and weakness, particularly towards the end of the third week. Therefore, before changing the habitual diet is recommended to consult a doctor. British diet can lead to a lack of essential elements in the body, so for its observance should take a multivitamin addition, macro-and micronutrients, particularly chromium and iron.