Anti-cholesterol diet

While his own blood cholesterol is known about 80% of Americans and Europeans, not more than 5% of our compatriots at least once in your life, this figure was measured. According to cardiologists, cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes plays a key role in the high level of mortality from these diseases. Compliance with anti-cholesterol diet contributes to the preservation of health and sometimes life and a considerable number of patients.

The principles of anti-cholesterol diet

 Radical anti-cholesterol diet involves the complete elimination of food cholesterol diet
 The human body needs some cholesterol. Many hormones, including sex, using it as a basic building materials. Approximately half of our cholesterol is required endogenous origin and is synthesized in the process of life. The second half, we must get from food.

Radical anti-cholesterol diet, that is, the total exclusion from the diet any foods that contain cholesterol, harmful and dangerous. For example, women who adhere to a long-term supply system, are beginning to experience a shortage of libido, lack of menstruation, early menopause and more.

Adhering to moderate anti-cholesterol diet, you should observe a certain balance. At low motor activity and, therefore, low blood flow rate, in excess of diet foods with a high content of cholesterol can lead to subsidence of the substance on the walls of blood vessels, proliferation of the connective tissue and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

Vessel lumen narrows, and its elasticity decreases. Vascular wall becomes thick and vessels themselves - is extremely fragile. It should be noted that this process is rather slow, however, starting from childhood, it is not necessary to use an excess of products - the sources of cholesterol. Upon reaching the age of forty-weighted anti-cholesterol diet, designed to normalize the metabolism in the body to become accustomed norm power of ordinary city dwellers.

You need to know that cholesterol is heterogeneous in nature. To distinguish several fractions thereof, namely, lipoproteins and low density. Low-density lipoprotein - the so-called "bad" cholesterol - formed vascular plaque, while high-density lipoprotein - cholesterol is "good" - Conclusions "bad" cholesterol from the cells of the human body.

In the absence of any complaint, control cholesterol levels should be once every five years, starting from the age of twenty. If any abnormalities not immediately appoint a doctor medication. In most cases, normalize blood cholesterol trying appointment of anti-cholesterol diet.

Menu anti-cholesterol diet. Prescriptions

There are certain general principles of organization of power in the framework of anti-cholesterol diet menu. For example, the chicken should be cooked without skin, removing the skin after cooking late - cholesterol has already passed in poultry.

Alcohol also has a significant impact on blood cholesterol levels. In terms of pure alcohol 20 g alcohol per day help to reduce low density lipoprotein, while 100 g leads to an increase in this index.

Foods such as garlic, apples, grapefruits, cauliflower and beans removed from the body "bad" cholesterol. Also pronounced anti-cholesterol effect has eicosapentaenoic acid in sufficient quantity contained in marine fish. Surprisingly, the cholesterol-lowering effect has and arachidonic acid, found in lard (of course, the dose use of this product is minimal).

To normalize cholesterol cholesterol-lowering diet minimizes the consumption of animal fat - lamb, pork, beef and butter, replacing them with valuable plant, mandatory unrefined oils - olive, flaxseed and other.

They contain polyunsaturated fatty acids contribute to the disintegration of cholesterol to bile acids, which, in turn, displayed together with bile by choleretic actions of the same oils. They also enhance peristalsis, thereby removing excess cholesterol in the faeces.

Under the action of fatty acids of vegetable oils cholesterol forms, soluble forms, thereby improving the elasticity of blood vessels. They also contribute to an increase in the synthesis of choline and its lipotropic effect, thereby decreasing blood viscosity.

As part of the anti-cholesterol diet minimizes consumption of quickly digestible carbohydrates - sugar, food of high quality flour and the like, as in the digestive process, they are easily converted into cholesterol. They are replaced by complex carbohydrates - cereals, flour and bran. Also include in the diet of plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in indigestible crude fiber and pectin.

The anti-cholesterol diet menu fully protein must be present at least 60% of which must fall on rich in essential amino acids (in particular methionine and choline) grade animal protein. A considerable amount of choline found in legumes, oatmeal, cottage cheese, herring, spinach, and methionine - in Sudak, cod, buckwheat.

 Menu anti-cholesterol diet for 60% should consist of protein foods
 As part of the anti-cholesterol diet should be excluded from the diet of liver, kidney, egg yolks, fatty fish and fish eggs, soups, pickles and marinades, as well as to minimize the intake of calcium. For the rest, including vitamin and mineral complexes is encouraged. It is also recommended to include in the diet of mushrooms, low-fat dairy products, egg protein and seafood except armored.

Sample menu anti-cholesterol diet might look like this:

  • 1st Breakfast - steam omelet with minced meat, porridge, tea with skimmed milk;
  • 2nd breakfast - vegetable salad;
  • Dinner - soup with barley and vegetables in oil, baked chicken breast with vegetables, wholegrain breads;
  • snack - apple, broth hips;
  • dinner - baked fish, rice with vegetables, tea with skimmed milk;
  • before going to bed - low-fat yogurt.

Using the above scheme and his own imagination, not hard to cook a huge amount of dishes drawn prescription anti-cholesterol diet.