Diet Beckham

 Features of the alkaline diet Beckham
 Looking at the Hollywood star Victoria Beckham, can only envy the way she looks, while being the mother of four children. The secret of her amazing figure - alkaline diet, which this year has taken a leading position among the preferences of women around the world.

Diet Beckham afford every girl, because it is not very difficult and, according to nutritionists, is able not only to maintain your health, but also make the body more energetic.

Beckham diet for really strong people who can turn their daily diet in the vegetarian menu (not less diverse and interesting than traditional).

What is the alkaline diet Victoria Beckham?

Over time, as you know, and human culture is constantly exposed to a variety of changes. No exception in this regard is the food. Previously, people used mostly products of animal and plant origin, which are practically not processed, which allowed them to maintain the greatest number of vitamins and trace elements. Today, in every way milled grain, livestock feed, not only grass, but also other plants and animal feedstuffs. Today, modern man consumes more salt, soy and dairy products, which often adversely affects not only the figure, but also on health in general.

Thus, the scientists say that today we eat a lot of foods high in acidity. This salt, meat, poultry, seafood, fish, milk and cheese. The main problem is that in the diet significantly reduced the number of fruits and vegetables. If we talk about nutrition Americans and other Western countries, we can say that it is almost entirely is acidic, which is not good for the human body.

The essence of the diet Victoria Beckham is to make our daily diet alkaline, which would not exceed the level of blood pH (margins 7, 35-7, 45). Menu in week alkaline diet should not be too acidic, because it adversely affects the health, leading to loss of the body a number of important minerals (potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium). The purpose of the diet Beckham - to preserve the correct acid-alkaline balance.

The benefits of a diet Victoria Beckham

In using a fairly large amount of acidic foods, people daily provokes many diseases, get rid of that in the end is not so simple. Adhering to a diet Beckham can avoid many diseases: problems with nasal congestion, lack of vitality, and always be in a good, high spirits and irritated by little things. You will save yourself from frequent colds, headaches and gynecological diseases (ovarian cysts, benign breast).

Diet Beckham also able to protect from the occurrence of kidney stones, muscle atrophy and osteoporosis.

Contraindications diet Beckham

Diet Victoria Beckham, like all others, has some of the rules, which definitely need to know before you take this course of improvement:

  • Before starting an alkaline diet, you should consult with a qualified professional.
  • Alkaline diet Victoria Beckham is not allowed to people who suffer from heart disease and kidney failure.

How to start a diet Beckham?

Alkaline diet Victoria Beckham is very popular because it is not only able to return a beautiful and slim figure, but also improve your health and make the body more fit and fresh.

Fundamentals of the alkaline diet:

  • Daily diet should consist mainly of vegetarian dishes (they contain a lot of alkali);
  • Beckham diet - it's only whole-grain foods, consumption of which leads to blood sugar balance;
  • Does not exclude alkaline products such as lemon, lime, grapefruit (not acidic food);
  • Beckham diet recommends to abandon coffee and cola. Menu for the week for the alkaline diet should include a maximum of vegetables and fruits. This broccoli, asparagus, artichokes, figs, kale, figs, spinach, cauliflower;
  • Food from Beckham diet consists of large amounts of moisture, which is well absorbed by the human body;
  • Menu in week alkaline diet - it is 20% protein and 80% of products of vegetable origin.

The results of the alkaline diet Victoria Beckham

Adhering to a diet Beckham, in the near future you will be able to adjust the digestion, reduce bloating, improve skin tone, making it more resilient to fix memory and concentration. In addition, you will become more cheerful, happy, energetic and cheerful, forget about alcohol, cigarettes and coffee.  Vegetarian dishes - based diet Beckham

Alkaline foods

Menu for the week for the alkaline diet can not do without lemon, dates, apricots, figs, tomatoes, avocado, apples, various nuts, beets. We should not forget also about the onion, garlic, brown rice, buckwheat, fennel, asparagus, cabbage, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, vegetable oil, almond milk and milk brown rice and coconuts.

According to Victoria Beckham's diet, should refrain from the consumption of poultry, pork, game, specially processed breakfast cereals, cookies, cakes, pastries, alcohol and colas, chocolate, tea and coffee.

Beckham recommendations on how to lose weight

Victoria Beckham constantly monitoring not only for your figure, but also health. Having tried for his life many diets, she stopped the choice on an alkaline diet, as it helps to keep the body for a long time in a great form. Following some principles Victoria Beckham, you will always be happy with your appearance and will be able to please those around her in a good mood.

  • To maintain a beautiful body, do not need to stick to the rules only a diet Beckham. In addition, the need to control daily caloric intake and consumption of own energy. It is these actions will help to determine in advance the number of fasting days and diet possible.
  • Whatever thin body was not beautiful, it is only in the event that further strengthens the muscles of constant physical activity. For example, Victoria Beckham every day, not only the gym, doing a special program designed for her coach, but also at home crouches at least 200 times.
  • After completion of the diet Beckham try to limit your diet in the amount of food consumed, which will save the results. Avoid eating fast food, which is the worst effect on the figure. Diet, of course, in the end will make you see in the mirror reflection of a completely different, but you can save it only if you observe the correct diet and active lifestyle.