Miracle of Fasting

 Miracle of Fasting - a book of Paul Bragg
 People who adhere to the principle of the use of natural food products, called naturopaths or naturists. One of the founders of the movement, standing up for the use in food only natural products, was Paul Bragg. Paul Bragg book "The Miracle of Fasting" was the bestseller of its time, and the Paul Bragg lived to 95 years, leading an active lifestyle and not having chronic diseases. Every day he made jogging, long walks, playing tennis, dancing, and even he could surf. He believed that people are able to extend their lives by driving smart lifestyle and, in particular, eating a certain way. Its power system based on a miracle starvation.

At that time, when a person does not comply with starvation by Paul Bragg, he still has to adhere to certain rules in the food. Not less than 60% of the total volume of food must be fruits and vegetables, mostly in their raw form. You should try to avoid foods that have passed chemical industry processing. All food in its natural form is preferred and must contain a minimum of salt and sugar, as well as any synthetic components.

However, Bragg did not insist on the complete elimination of such products. Just their volume should be minimal.

In most cases, they advocated the power line with the recommendations of any nutritionist. But it is starving for Bragg was the basis of his methods of improvement. According to Fields Brega, only during this fasting the body is cleansed of all the decay products and toxins on a daily basis it formed. And that is why the miracle of fasting should be carried out on a weekly basis, and every 3 months is to starve 7-10 days. During this fasting the body reverses the power mode, consuming domestic stocks instead of getting energy from food. However, the restructuring of the body is not at all the same. In many cases, tune in to such a regime is very hard (a crisis), people afraid of their condition, and they are forced to stop the miracle of fasting.

Preparations for a miracle starvation of Paul Bragg

Sam Bragg said that when a person is internally set to starvation positive and sees it as a method of purification of toxins, then success is guaranteed. In his opinion, such a disposition will result in every cell in the body to "meet" fasting with joy and accept it.

Since starvation for Bragg, do not put notify many people do not ask extra tips. Only need to properly set up and listen to your body sensations. And most importantly - firmly believe in the success of the miracle of fasting.

Fasting on the field Bragg

Those who hunger for the first time, do not give up food directly by more than 10 days.

Start a miracle fasting followed with a complete 24-hour fast, during which you can only drink distilled water. First time during fasting should be seen by a doctor.

According to Brega, to more than ten-day fasting is necessary to prepare carefully. Fasting in 21 or 35 days can be fatal even for practically healthy person. Therefore, during this fasting for Paul Bragg is necessary not only control of the doctor, but also a number of specialized studies. Mainly, it is necessary to monitor the functioning of kidneys, in fact they bear the function of removing toxins and poisons from the body. If the doctor during the study notes that the maximum load is high, the need to interrupt the fasting. During the miracle of fasting also need to keep track of your feelings. Naturally, it is impossible to go hungry and feel at 100%, but a sharp deterioration in the general condition should not be.

According to the book Paul Bragg "Miracle of Fasting," a long period of hunger need to go slowly. First, you can practice the 24-hour hunger, then 3-4 day fasting once a month. And only after going 5-6 of these courses, you can easily come to weekly fasting and after a year or two to move to a lengthening of the period.

24-hour fasting for a miracle Bragg

Fasting can be in any time period, from dinner to dinner, or breakfast before breakfast. You can drink only distilled water. If you spend all this time without food is absolutely impossible, it may be a little indulgence: 1/3 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, dissolved in water. Bragg believed that the more thirst and water consumption, the better the body is freed from toxins.

Also during the miracle of fasting Bragg important to constantly be in a good mood. He advised several times to repeat certain words and tune in to good. These phrases can be found in Paul Bragg "Miracle of Fasting":

- On this day, I gave my body in the hands of nature. I turned to a higher power for inner purification and renewal.

- Every minute of fasting I cast out dangerous poisons from my body. Every hour, when I am hungry, I am getting happier and happier.

- Hour after hour my body cleans itself.

How to get out fast

After the end of fasting hiring the right transition to a normal diet. The first food eaten - a salad of fresh vegetables: cabbage, carrots with lemon or orange juice. Salad stimulate the stomach and intestines.

Thereafter, you may be prepared boiled vegetables (e.g., tomatoes).

It was only later you can eat a little meat, milk, cheese or butter. But it is worth remembering about Bragg relation to these products at all.  Distilled water - the only thing you can during the daily starvation Bragg

Prolonged fasting for Bragg

Any prolonged fasting should be carried out in a state of psychological comfort and tranquility. It is necessary to give up watching TV, unnecessary conversations and actions, ie from all that prevents focus on the miracle of fasting. If possible, it is desirable to privacy in a comfortable environment. Fully exercise should be excluded, and even walking and sunbathing. This can be done only with a stable well-being.

It should listen to yourself, but to try to ward off the fear and self-doubt.

Need a thoughtful way out of any prolonged fasting. Bragg proposed the following: 7 day fasting eat 4-5 medium sized tomatoes, scalded with boiling water or thrown into the boiling water. Tomatoes should be purified, and should eat them cold.

On the eighth day, for breakfast, you can prepare a salad of fresh vegetables: carrot and cabbage juice 1/2 orange. After that - a little braised greens with wheat bread.

For lunch, a salad and vegetable dishes 2: You can boil cabbage, pumpkin, carrot, green peas.

On the ninth day, at breakfast you can use any fruit with 2 tablespoons of sprouted wheat with honey (1 tablespoon). Lunch may consist of salad with boiled vegetables. Dinner is similar to lunch on the seventh day.

On the tenth day should return to normal vegetarian cuisine.

Keep in mind that after prolonged starvation may be no miracle appetite. This should not be afraid. After a while, everything will fall into place.

Also, after fasting it is important to "run" the bowels. According to Brega, do not use a laxative or enema. With a balanced and proper nutrition the body itself up to the task.