What is on a diet

 Before all the slimming question that is on a diet?
 Diets and weight loss problem concerned almost every woman. At the same time the actual weight of a woman's body has no value. Slender girls dream to lose weight, maybe even more passionately than the Fat Lady. The goal, which each has set itself, admittedly unrealistic. Whatever the dynamics of weight, completely forget about diets can not afford in today's world, none of the fair sex. However, more and more men are also beginning to be interested in the topic. Before all the slimming question that is on a diet?

Diet - healthy eating

If considered from the standpoint of food physician, in the first place it should be complete, balanced and bring health. It makes no sense to deplete stocks of minerals, vitamins and amino acids, or thoughtless starvation diet on one kind of food. The result will be unsatisfactory. You maybe lose weight, but the beauty is you do not add. The skin begins to look aged and tired, fade hair, nails become brittle. In addition, there is a risk of contracting serious diseases due to improper diet. Peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, biliary dyskinesia, osteoporosis may be caused by malnutrition, especially hunger. So, this right diet - healthy diet. What is the diet in this case? Balanced meals, tasty and healthy at the same time.

If hungry - you can lose weight?

The day we spend energy to maintain normal body temperature and perform the work. If the person is fully powered, the energy it gets from food in the form of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If hungry - the body will expend the calories accumulated. The energy stored in the body as fat. So, if you go hungry - you can lose weight. On the other hand, hunger is a strong stress for the body. Metabolism is switched to economy mode. Therefore, the weight will not go away as quickly as you would like. A week of fasting, many lose weight by 2-4 kg. These results may well be achieved without giving up food entirely.

Starvation causes most people dizziness, headaches, weakness, loss of concentration. Many a decline background mood and increased irritability. In addition, finishing fast, you risk quickly regain the weight back to the original. And maybe even add more. Hunger causes a shift in metabolism. Throughout the day will be consumed fewer calories. Eating, as always, you can add weight.

Tips nutritionists for weight loss

Other nutritionists have their own idea about how it is necessary to lose weight, there are on a diet .  However, when it comes to health care professionals, their recommendations are quite similar .  It should listen to the advice of those whom you trust .  The best diet - healthy diet .  It is important to organize regular meals throughout the day .  You must be at least breakfast, lunch and dinner .  There are two or three snacks between meals .  There are better in small portions, but more often .  Try to drink a glass of water before each meal to reduce appetite .  It is also worth adding foods rich in fiber, in the main meals .  First of all we are talking about vegetables and bran .  Food must be prepared properly .  Fat as margarine, vegetable oil and butter should be excluded almost entirely .  Meals can be steamed, stewed, boiled, but not roast .  French fries are four times more calories than potato "in uniform" .  Pay attention to when and what you eat .  Get a "food diary": fix products serving time a meal .  Analyze what triggers overeating .  For someone eating - is a way to have fun .  For someone - an indispensable attribute of communication .  Avoid a situation where you can eat too much, if it is possible .  Decide in advance what is on a diet .  Let health food products will always be in the refrigerator .

What can you eat on a diet

 The best diet - healthy diet
 Deciding to lose weight, we try to understand that you can eat on a diet .  Other restrictive diets require elimination of certain foods .  Sometimes, for some period of time are advised to eat only one product: three days of cabbage, apples a day or buckwheat porridge without salt Week .  It is difficult to strictly adhere to such recommendations .  Results of your anguish may be modest .  Such restrictions to one type of food called mono-diet .  Diets from doctors usually offer a wider list of products on the menu .  So, what is on the diet for obesity? The basis of the power should be vegetables, except potatoes .  Salads, stews, steamed vegetables or grill must be present at each meal .  Also, the diet should not be poor in protein .  Therefore, it is desirable to have lean meat at least once a day .  You can choose beef, fish or chicken .  The main thing - it is right to treat the meat: remove grease, cooking without oil .  Low-fat dairy products will be useful for those who are on a diet .  Sour cream exclude .  Curd choose fat from 0 to 5%, yogurt and milk - fat or 1-1, 5% .  Fruits contain vitamins and minerals .  You should not eat bananas, grapes and dried fruits .  The rest of the fruit to eat 400 grams a day .  Finish has 4 hours before bedtime .  Let the dinner will be the easiest meal .

Pros and cons of diet

Pros and cons of diet depends on what kind of power supply system in question. Unbalanced mono-diet, fasting, fasting days are definitely more minuses than pluses. Can not lose weight to many, but to wear down the nervous system and deplete vitamins and minerals is quite real. The advantage of such diets, some people call them short-lived. However, it is doubtful a plus. We know that only long-term changes in food can significantly affect the figure. Short-term diets provide only short-term effect. While it may be for someone the aim is to lose weight for a certain date. For example, elegant look at the graduation. Then monodiet can give the desired result.

Balanced diet long, composed by physicians, have, on the contrary, a big plus. The basis of this diet - healthy diet. These systems help to maintain health and keep yourself in shape. The downside of any diet can be psychological discomfort. If you decide that you need a diet, first define its objectives. Why do you diet? How much you want to lose weight? Over what period of time do you expect these changes. Then analyze the information on the different diets, or contact the person that you developed an individual power supply system. Maybe you can help tips nutritionists to lose weight. Having lists of permitted and forbidden foods, you'll know exactly what is on a diet, but it is not.