Bread Diet

 Bread Diet
 Despite the fact that many consider the greatest bread "evil" for dieters, Olga Raz, an Israeli nutritionist, thinks otherwise. The author of a new diet, said: "Eat bread, but grow thin with pleasure." It not only does not prohibit the eating of bread, it has made it mandatory ingredient menu.

Olga was born once in Moscow, and later emigrated to Israel, to their homeland. There she headed the department of nutrition hospital "Ichilov" in Tel Aviv. As she says in the research process at the clinic tried to establish a link between the useful power and the hormone of happiness - serotonin. Over a period of healthy volunteers ate different types of products. It was found in the use of foods rich in protein, the level of serotonin in the body dropped sharply, but those who ate the bread, he rose. Olga's when I realized that it was the bread, which exclude all during a diet, is the best product - it is well satisfies hunger and improves mood.

It is worth noting that the book published by Olga Raz, is sold only in Israel and the United States. And the fact that this bread diet has become so popular in our country, speaks for itself.

In addition nutritionists say that no matter what the diet was a man a year or two not to get dumped kgs manage only 5% of them, but among supporters of diet bread, reviews confirm this, they are three times more.

Terms bread diet

This diet is designed in two phases: the first duration - 2 weeks, but the second - an open-ended, ie, everyone has the right to determine what he needs results, but generally the second stage of the grain diet - it is rather a mode proper nutrition in order to maintain the achieved results.

According to the reviews of the grain diet for one week, you can throw about 2, 5 kg.

During the whole regime, it is important to drink plenty of fluids (water is usually, mineral, green and black tea, low-fat broth, vegetable juice, can be even a little coffee): for women it is 1, 5-2 liters, for men - 2-2, 5 l . In addition, it is imperative multivitamin or calcium.

Eating bread in the diet should be every 3-4 hours, regardless of whether you are experiencing at the moment the feeling of hunger or not, and this is the main principle of the diet - every day, be sure to eat the allotted amount of bread.

Menu bread diet

 Menu bread diet
 1. During the first period, lasting two weeks, on the day of supposed dietary bread slices 8-12 women and 12-16 - for men. Dietary considered bread, one piece of which contains 35-45 calories. If low-calorie bread is not, it may be replaced with a conventional (or rye bran, but not white), but in this case, the rate should be reduced exactly twice.

On top of the bread can be put almost everything, only a thin layer: salty lean fish, ham or pork, vegetable caviar, low-fat cottage cheese or cheese, the main thing - anything sweet!

Also be sure to use every day:

  • Non-starchy vegetables in any quantity and in any form, you can add 2 teaspoons of soy or olive oil.
  • Just a small portion of fruit between meals 1 per day (choice of sour apples, pears, citrus, plums, red grapes, plum, persimmon, kiwi), occasionally you can replace them with dietary dessert.
  • One jar (200 grams) of fermented milk (unsweetened yogurt or kefir).
  • In the evening one tablet multivitamins or calcium.

Three times a week during the whole grain diet one meal (it 2-4 slices of bread) can be replaced with fish, poultry, lean meat with vegetables. Three times a week to eat and eggs.

2. The purpose of the second period - to fix the weight and not regain the lost weight back.

Now, the bread should be gradually replaced by other products. Every 2 slices of equal value: one serving of pasta from durum wheat (about 100 grams), a boiled kartoshinu or one ear of corn, one glass of beans (boiled or steamed), 150 grams of oatmeal, a portion of rice, wheat, buckwheat, servings of low-fat chicken or fish.

As before, you need to eat yogurt 1 per day and vegetables (unlimited number), but the fruit can be increased to three servings.

In no case can not be included in the diet of fatty sauces, mayonnaise, sugar, milk, butter, alcohol. Occasionally, you can treat yourself to a glass of dry red wine or a glass of light beer. If you really want sweet, it is better to replace it with products designed specifically for diabetics.

Numerous positive comments about bread diet confirm its effectiveness. But you can not forget about caution, so before starting a diet is to consult a nutritionist or doctor.