Chrome for weight loss is necessary for the normalization of biochemical processes occurring in the human body.  Bio - Chrome slimming
 In particular, it is recommended to take a chemical element in violation of lipid metabolism as chromium deficiency contributes to the excessive production of insulin in the body. The excess of this hormone inhibit the process of energy release lipids. That is why the lack of chromium, along with other trace elements, can significantly impair the results of any, even the most strict diet, even with careful respect for her.

The role of chromium for weight loss in the processes of life support

Chrome takes an important place among the most important trace element for life processes necessary to man. It is necessary to normalize the blood glucose and muscle fibers provide a sufficient amount of glycogen are important for their supply. Get enough chromium, the body reduces the production of insulin, the result becomes part of the fat cells in the energy processes. Lipid reserves are transformed into energy to maintain life support processes, thus a reduction in weight.

Furthermore, as a result of chemical and biological processes that occur with the direct involvement of chromium, the body's need for food high in carbohydrates, such as flour or sweet significantly reduced. This further reduces the risk of accumulation of excess weight. Requires chromium and active collagen synthesis which supports normal epithelium and improves the texture of the hair.

Therefore, chromium for weight loss is very helpful for the reviews, and its deficiency can lead to various ailments, especially in the elderly.

Chromium picolinate for weight loss

The greatest amount of chromium is contained in food products such as beer yeast, egg yolk, liver, wheat germ, nuts, plums, apples, broccoli. But the content of these foods in the daily diet of food is totally inadequate to supply the body with chromium in the amount required for its normal operation. In modern conditions of life make up for the deficit of chromium can only use special supplements containing the trace elements in sufficient quantities. The most famous food supplement to make up for the deficit of chromium - chromium picolinate (Chromium (III) picolinate).

This chromium picolinate for weight loss is recommended to use as a source of essential trace element, as a natural derivative of the amino acid tryptophan - picolinic acid contributes to significant improvements in the assimilation of chromium. As a result of scientific studies have shown that chromium picolinate digested gastrointestinal tract better than other compounds of trivalent chromium.

In the opinion of chromium picolinate for weight loss is best taken immediately after eating foods high in carbohydrates to inhibit the production of insulin.  Chromium picolinate for weight loss - reviews nutritionists
 The drug can be consumed in its pure form in food or added to water, juice, and tea.

Chromium picolinate intake is contraindicated in pregnancy, lactation, hypersensitivity to the components. No other contraindications, but it is important to observe the correct dosage, bearing in mind that the daily norm of chromium should not exceed 400 mg. Exceeding this dose may result in a violation of the kidneys, liver and bone marrow. Not recommended co-administration of chromium picolinate and diabetic agents such as insulin and antacids that contain calcium carbonate.

Please be aware that normal levels of chromium in the body helps prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, improve the psychological condition in the case of depression. Chromium also needed organs and tissues in case of the treatment of migraine, acne and psoriasis.