Garlic for weight loss

 Caloric content garlic - 149 kcal per 100 grams
 The valuable substances contained in the garlic help the human body fight a variety of diseases. Considering also the low caloric content of garlic, lots of kitchen peoples of the world are using it in cooking, and in the diets of some new-fangled diets recommend to include garlic for weight loss.

Garlic for weight loss: myth or reality?

To date, it is proved that the consumption of garlic helps to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure normalization. As a result, it returns to normal metabolism, which in turn leads to loss of extra kilos. At the same time people with sensitive digestion and gastrointestinal diseases should be aware that it can cause stomach pain and heartburn, so it should use extreme caution.

Using garlic for weight loss is justified, because it contains in its composition special phytochemicals, which are able to reduce the level of accumulation of fat in the body. They also possess antiviral and antifungal activity, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also proved positive role of garlic in the normalization of blood sugar, which contributes to weight loss.

Nutritionists recommend to include garlic in your daily diet twice for stabilization and containment of body weight is normal. To do this, once consumed fresh garlic and, during another meal - after heat treatment.

Bad breath after eating garlic is caused by a particular content in the product sulfur compounds - allyl methyl sulfide, which is absorbed from the blood into the lungs and is excreted in the breath. To get rid of the obsessive smell of garlic breath, enough to drink a glass of milk, since milk fat is a solvent for the allyl methyl sulfide.

Garlic is the most effective food product having antimicrobial activity. It is also known that the structure includes a large number of garlic allicin - a substance having anticancer activity.  Garlic for weight loss: myth or reality?

Garlic for weight loss: reviews

According to reviews, the garlic is particularly effective for weight loss as part of the diet of garlic, calculated for two weeks. On the first day eat one clove of garlic, the second - two and so on until the end of the first week. In the second week of eating garlic descending to the 14th day back to one clove. Weight loss is achieved due to a choleretic effect of garlic, so apply such a diet for people with diseases of the digestive system should be only after consultation with your doctor.

Garlic: calories

Caloric garlic is 149 kcal per 100g of product, while it does not contain fats; protein content of 100 g corresponds to 6 g of garlic, and carbohydrates in the same amount of product contains 5 g In the audio head garlic calories not more than 4.

Garlic constipation

It was found that garlic has the ability to enhance the secretory and motor function of the gastrointestinal tract, and inhibits the process of fermentation in the gut when it reduced motility. Therefore effectively use garlic constipation. Furthermore, it relieves pain in such conditions. It is also believed that if the evening to eat a small clove of garlic, one morning provided a full chair.

Enema with garlic

To combat intestinal parasites - worms - traditional medicine recommends to do an enema with garlic. 5-6 cloves heated at 100-150 ml water. Cool, a decoction is used for enemas, and the treatment lasts for seven days, and after another two weeks should be repeated.

In order to ensure the appropriateness of such a procedure, and the absence of any contraindications should discuss this with your doctor the popular technique.